Monday, July 15, 2013

The Planet of Blood

Noel Tyl recently gave a talk on his methods of medical astrology at the San Francisco Astrological Society.  Tyl is an astrologer of high intelligence and experience, who boasts of having performed approximately 23,000 astrological client readings.  So while I've encountered many well-studied astrologers who dismiss Tyl's work, I find it highly improbable for him to have risen to his station in the astrological pantheon without having figured a few things out.

The rulerships Tyl uses, of planets over various body parts, differs in places from what astrologers traditionally use.  One of these rulerships in particular specifically struck me: 

Neptune rules blood

Not Jupiter, not Mars -- Neptune.  This explains a bit about some of the wars and senseless mass-killings that have taken place during the Age of Pisces.  The Judeo-Christian religions of the past two millenia, the modern nation-state (and its offspring, the business corporation), Communism and its various offshoots:  these Neptunian movements share more than a basis in human faith and irrationality.  They also share a deep and abiding blood-lust, an inexplicable and perhaps unconscious desire to kill not for gain but for the sake of killing.

The very Left-wing Richard Tarnas, in Cosmos and Psyche, notes a correlation between Saturn-Pluto aspects and mass killing.  He pins these events, usually accurately, on Right-wing movements and regimes.  He misses, however, the bigger picture formed when one scrutinizes Neptune, planetary lord of the political Left.  The otherwise sublime music of the book misses a beat for it.

I've noted elsewhere that long-term periods in history in which economic failure followed by bloody wars are strongly correlated with periods in which Neptune transits through Virgo and his home sign Pisces, and with other outer planet transits through Pisces.  Here's the short version:

1461-1482: Crisis: War of the Roses -- Neptune: Virgo 1466-1479
1566-1587: Crisis: Armada Crisis -- Pluto in Pisces followed by Uranus 1552-1591
1674-1700: Crisis: King Philip's War -- Neptune: Pisces 1684-1696
1767-1791: Crisis: American Revolution -- Neptune: Virgo 1766-1779
1843-1859: Crisis: American Civil War -- Neptune: Pisces 1847-1860
1925-1945: Crisis: Great Depression/World War II -- Neptune: Virgo 1930-1943

Other astrologers have noted correlations between these periods and aspects between Uranus and Pluto, sometimes with Saturn.  These no doubt also apply, but I find Neptune a more compelling culprit.  The tide of violence and mindless fury of that is the history of this age may be because Neptune, ruler of the current astrological Age, rules blood.

The current Trayvon Martin riots are occurring under a Neptune-Saturn-Jupiter grand trine.   Neptune may account for much of the irrational public mania.  Jupiter (with Mars) in Cancer may represent overblown race issues; their opposition to Pluto may represent perceived "fighting the power".  Sophisticated observers will note that it's "the power" in the form of political figures and corporate media that turned the Martin tragedy into a race war.  Young black men certainly are under fire, but generally not from neighborhood-watching Latinos with guns.  Jupiter may be exalted when he's in Cancer: apparently "exaltation" is not the best word for those currently under Jupiter's influence. 

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