Saturday, October 19, 2013

Adam Kokesh

Alpha Male Plus.  City and time of birth unknown.

Hardcore libertarians are no stranger to ex- US Marine and Iraq War veteran Adam Kokesh.  A powerful anti-war voice during the recent Ron Paul presidential campaigns, he soon became a leader in the libertarian movement, hosting political talk show Adam vs the Man and leading numerous high-profile demonstrations designed to provoke government agencies and police while drawing attention to libertarian causes.  His most recent stunt (filming himself loading a shotgun in a "gun-free" zone) provoked a violent raid by combined federal and local police, and a trip to jail where he currently sits.

At first glance at this astrological chart, we might be looking at an authoritarian Leftist: perhaps even a Communist.  Pallas is conjunct Pluto:  usually a guarantee of a non-libertarian.  Venus is conjunct the South Node, and rules the Moon (regardless of time of birth):  economic and cultural Leftist tendencies, probably extremely strong.  On top of this, Pluto is square Venus and conjunct/parallel Saturn which co-rules the Sun.  Kokesh is a Bloodbath Formula candidate.  His decision to enlist in the US Marine Corps is no surprise given these traits. 

There is one factor that overturns all of these features (for the most part):  Pallas is square the Nodes.  Individuals with this placement find themselves re-examining their ethical premises in adulthood.  They usually, as has Kokesh, arrive at libertarian non-aggression as a conclusion to their inquiry.  Pluto probably still has an effect:  while Kokesh is now an anarcho-capitalist libertarian (Pallas often overrides the Left-wing economics of Venus with the South Node or Neptune), his way of expressing the message is more extreme and confrontational than those (like Ron Paul) with "perfect" libertarian charts.  Hence, the often illegal and polarizing protest stunts such as the one that has landed him in jail.  Stefan Molyneux has a similar Pallas configuration and a similar (if less illegal) confrontational style. 

This type of authoritarian-to-libertarian Pallas pattern involving the Nodes is common in the charts of whistle-blowers.  They enlist in government/military service during their authoritarian years; when the Nodes activate Pallas, they experience a crisis of ethics and turn against the government.  Edward Snowden, Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, and Smedley Butler all have variations of this theme in their charts.  Interestingly, Pluto is often the trigger for the crisis of ethics which makes them blow the whistle. 

Some other notable features of his chart:  The Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction probably has something to do with Kokesh's hyper-machismo (from his military career and action-hero physique to his death-defying political protests).  Pallas is square Venus, ruler of his Moon (regardless of birth time):  Pallas-Moon connections are ubiquitous in martial artists and fighters.  Jupiter square his Sun/Mercury conjunction may describe how his public activism may interfere with his own well-being.

In a truly free society, Kokesh would not be behind bars.  After leaving the military, he has publicly harmed nothing except for the credibility of the State. 


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