Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christie Bridge Scandal

2018 note: Jupiter is conjunct progressed Pallas, as is visible in the chart. I wrote the original post below before making the connection between scandals and Jupiter-to-Pallas transits.

The news media are reporting that high-level officials in the administration of New Jersey governor Chris Christie deliberately blocked traffic at a major thoroughfare for political reasons.  By slowing down emergency service vehicles, this has resulted in a human death.  Christie's presidential hopes may be in peril.  A previous post explains why Christie's chart predisposes him to unethical behavior.  His astrological transits this week are very interesting.

This is a chart for midnight this morning.  I didn't notice the story anywhere yesterday.

Pallas is the primary astrological significator for ethics.  No surprise, then, that Pallas is extremely prominent in a scandal centered on unethical behavior.  Pallas is stronger when in aspect with the Sun.  Today transiting Pallas is conjunct Christie's Sun and septile his progressed Sun.  The transiting North Node, a strengthening factor, is conjunct his progressed Sun and septile transiting Pallas.  On top of this, transiting Jupiter is conjunct Christie's progressed Pallas, bringing (literally) publicity to his ethics (or lack thereof).

Uranus is currently forming a quincunx with Christie's natal Pluto and square with his Mars:  a disruption in his power. 

Chiron, currently opposite Pallas in the sky, is just past Christie's natal Chiron, (he's just had his Chiron return), now opposite his Pluto, and about to oppose his Sun.  Christie will probably have to "heal" and other wounds to his power and public image for much of 2014. 

Mercury on Christie's natal and progressed chart are under a transiting conjunction from Mars and and transiting square from Jupiter:  attack (Mars), through words (Mercury), in the press (Jupiter).

Time will tell if our outsized authoritarian will salvage his image in time to enjoy his positive transits on election day 2016.  I suspect he may:  he's quite smart, and unscrupulous politicians that avoid major sex scandals tend to rise to the top.  

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