Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bitcoin and Pluto (Part One of Five)

In the past week or so, Pluto has just completed its first exact conjunction with the Sun on the Bitcoin astrological chart.  This is the first of five exact Pluto hits that Bitcoin will experience in the 2014-2015 time frame.  Each hit will represent the collision of Pluto's crisis/death/rebirth energies with the "heart" of Bitcoin.  Each is likely to correspond with terrestrial events which significantly impact Bitcoin, for good, ill, or both.  

This recent conjunction seems to fit the bill.  In the past week as the conjunction formed, the US government declared Bitcoin to be not a "currency" but a "property" which is subject to capital gains taxes.  Immediately after that, unsettling if unclear developments in China came to light.  The Bitcoin price has taken a significant hit though at this writing appears to be recovering.

Because Pluto stations retrograde so soon (on April 15), Pluto remains close to the Bitcoin Sun position for a number of weeks.  We could see similar "aftershock" effects near the station, or when Pluto is activated by other transiting planets such as during the April 23 grand cross.  On May 1, Pluto traveling retrograde conjoins the Bitcoin Sun again for the second of the five Pluto hits.  During this entire period and especially near these astrological events, we could see significant Bitcoin action.  Whether up or down in terms of price I have no way of knowing.  The Pluto station of April 2013 near the Bitcoin Sun brought an extreme price spike with it, bit the current conjunction is bringing a moderate price drop (20% or so is "moderate" for Bitcoin). 

I've shied away from making Bitcoin-price-related posts in the past two months because the astrological picture contains more conflicting factors than I've found a way to make sense of.  That said, fast-moving factors like Venus and the Sun, the effects of which I've written about in previous posts, continue to be relevant and useful for short-term trading.

AnonymousApril 15, 2014 at 3:50 PM Reader update from 4-15. Looking like the pluto station was positive, correlated with positive bitcoin news from Russia on the 13th/14th. Now, on the 15th. looks like bitcoin has finally broken free of it's 4 month downtrend. In a week, there is a positive Venus transit. This could be a very good week for bitcoin values.

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