Monday, August 18, 2014

NYC/Chicago Murders

From Drudge:   15 shot in eight hours in New York City and seven killed and 29 wounded in Chicago.  Here's the chart and Bloodbath Formula for one of the NYC shootings (two fatalities).

1.  Pallas square Pluto.
2.  Venus quincunx Neptune.
3.  Venus widely quincunx and contraparallel Pluto, which is sesquiquadrate Venus' ruler the Sun.
4.  Moon widely trine Pluto and ruled by Venus which is configured with Pluto.
5.  Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto.

Why are NYC and Chicago such epicenters for gun-related murders?  Gun bans.  By definition, the only persons owning handguns in those cities are government employees and criminals. 

Peace-loving Pallas is only at the beginning of her co-opting by deadly Pluto by aspect.  In all likelihood the coming month will bring us more bloodshed.  As is to be expected, the violence is more likely to occur in government-decreed "gun free zones". 

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