Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pluto and the Bitcoin Price 2013-2015

This post is speculation.  You play at your own risk, and I offer no advice.

Here are two graphs.  The first is a graph from of Bitcoin prices since March/April of 2013.  The second is a graph of the geocentric longitudinal movements of Pluto during this time frame and just beyond.  This period has been marked by two things which I believe are connected:  massive Bitcoin price movements and Pluto activity in longitudinal proximity to the astrological Bitcoin Sun. 


I have marked the same events on both graphs:

1.  Pluto retrograde station "almost" exactly at Bitcoin Sun:  price spike and sudden crash, ending in a plateau higher than before.
2.  Pluto direct station heading back towards Bitcoin Sun.  The price plateau ends in a massive spike which collapses before the next Pluto event.
3.  Pluto retrograde station, forming two exact hits with the Bitcoin Sun.  The price bottoms out here, creeping up gradually when Pluto moves away from the Bitcoin Sun.
4.  Pluto direct station heading back towards Bitcoin Sun. A briefly stable price, which then heads downward.
5.  Pluto direct, conjunct and then passing the Bitcoin Sun.  Apparently the "bottom" of the recent slide.

a.  Pluto conjunct the Bitcoin Sun (or stationing in close proximity) will crash the price.
b.  ...but before the crash, there can be a significant run-up.   Almost as if Pluto is setting up a larger fall than would be possible without the run-up. 

The last two Pluto-Bitcoin-Sun events have yet to occur:
6.  Pluto retrograde station heading back for the Bitcoin Sun.  This could be when the universe decides whether to drive the price up or down. 
7.  Pluto direct station involving two direct hits to the Bitcoin Sun.  My guess is that this region could be another low point in the price, lasting for months.

Some time between events 6 and 7, I suspect there will be a very significant drop.  I suspect that the "bottom" will be in the vicinity of 7.  7 is a long event stretching across most of the second half of 2015.  It will probably be a great test of faith for Bitcoin believers.  The trick for short-term traders might be to figure out when, between Q2 and Q3 of this year, to take profits.

After event 7 is finally over, we might start seeing long-term stability, assuming Bitcoin survives.

Not-obviously-astrological factors will also play into how Bitcoin does.  This week's minor price spike (corresponding with the news of a new Coinbase-run exchange) in the US does not easily line up with a clear astrological event (though the tertiary progressions are very interesting).  Perhaps more importantly, the move by the Swiss central bank to de-couple from the Euro may signal the beginning of a major worldwide financial event.  Mike Maloney points out that the de-pegging of the Thai Baht from the US dollar and its subsequent crash in 1997 had worldwide implications.  He also points out that the Swiss currency is a much larger factor than Thailand was then.  Were similar events to occur soon, we might see non-government currencies such as precious metals and Bitcoin become much more interesting for the storage and transmission of value. 

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