Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rajendra Pachauri

Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has stepped down in response to allegations of sexual harassment.  During his career, he has endured public scrutiny for alleged crimes of a different nature:  conflict of interest regarding his investments in companies depending upon the success of the IPCC policy agenda. 

I have yet to come up with an astrological formula for environmentalism, but in my experience persons who push for governmental regulation on the environment tend to have an "authoritarian Left" signature.  This is disturbing in itself, because the "authoritarian" part suggests a willingness to violate human rights and the "Left" part involves what I'm starting to call a "Venus-Neptune complex".  The latter (consisting of Venus and/or the Second House coming under the influence of Neptune and/or the South Node) suggests the addition of imagination and/or delusion into one's faculty for perceiving value, aesthetics, social relations, and property associations.  It is one of a number of markers I nearly always find in the charts of artists and criminals.  In its most extreme forms, it marks an inability to accurately gauge value and/or respect property rights: not a trait I would want in someone with a hand in world economic policy. 

Pachauri has a chart (time unknown) that is strongly authoritarian and (almost definitely) Left:

AuthoritarianPallas ruled by Mercury which is conjunct Pluto, square Jupiter, and trine the South Node.   This is the full trifecta of potential evil, with no mitigating indicator of ethical consciousness. 

AmbiguousVenus square the Nodes.
Collectivist/LeftistVenus quintile Neptune, ruled by Moon which is opposite Neptune (regardless of birth time).
In this area, the best guess is "economic Leftist", possibly to an extreme degree.  Combined with the extremely compromised Pallas, we have the recipe for potentially extreme damage.

LiberalMoon ruled by and opposite Neptune, regardless of birth time. 
Add this to the above factors and we get a (very probable) hard authoritarian Leftist. 

The sexual harassment allegations steered me toward looking for a Rapist Formula, which I did find a potential expression of (dependent on birth time):

1.  Pallas ruled by Mercury which is conjunct Pluto, square Jupiter, and trine the South Node.   
2.  Venus quintile Neptune, ruled by Moon which is opposite Neptune (regardless of birth time). 
3.  Mars "squine" Jupiter (co-ruler of Moon) and possibly quincunx Moon herself.
4.  Sun conjunct Mars and semisquare Venus, ruler of JupiterMars "squine" Jupiter.
5.  Jupiter trine Neptune and ruled by Venus which is quintile Neptune

This is no guarantee of guilt, of course.

Also:  Pallas conjunct Neptune:  often found in the charts of religious leaders and visual artists.

Transits, progressions, and solar arcs for Pachauri on the day he announced he would step down from the IPCC tell quite a story:

Transiting Pluto opposite natal Venus, transiting Uranus square natal Venus:  relationships and resources destroyed or transformed in a sudden or unexpected manner.

Solar arc Venus conjunct natal Neptune:  relationships and resources dissolved.  

Transiting Saturn conjunct solar arc Pallas; transiting Pallas square natal Pallas and sextile progressed Pallas:  ethics very much in the spotlight.  This is a neutral or positive configuration for persons who don't behave unethically.  For evildoers (by Pallas' definition), however, it can mean one's "chickens coming home to roost". 

Lunar Nodal Return:  karma, highly accentuated.  Payback's a bitch, eh Pachauri?  

Transiting Pallas in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) square natal Pallas might replace the Jupiter-to-Pallas transit that usually appears when a scandal breaks.  

Regardless of whether or not "the science is settled" on Global Warming, it is not contestable that the US government (and particular its military) has, by far, a larger environmental impact than does the private sector.  Any "warmist" who isn't calling for immediate and drastic cutbacks in US military activity overseas, above and prior to all other policy measures, is skirting the real issues.  Regardless of the climate science, these persons have no credibility.  They harm Earth's environment by diverting attention from the worst environmental offenders. 

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