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Pallas and Uranus

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I've been studying the asteroid ("dwarf planet") Pallas for years now, comparing the placement of Pallas in thousands of birth charts.  Through a massive trial-and-error process, a theory of the practical function of Pallas has emerged.  This theory is the key component to my method for directly mapping sociopolitical ideology to the birth chart, a method which forms a focal point of this blog.

Not too long ago, I gave a talk on my findings on Pallas for NCGR in San Francisco.  While this talk remains (to my knowledge) the most comprehensive overview in existence of the practical interpretation of Pallas, it was missing a significant piece.  Because I did not yet have a compelling theory on Pallas in aspect to Uranus, I left Uranus out of the talk.  I now believe I have such a theory.

The Pallas-Uranus aspect is, in my estimation, the aspect of the Demiurge, the builder of worlds.  Pallas (intelligence) plus Uranus (breaking away, differentiation) seems to indicate the ability to deliberately create a new reality.  Persons without this aspect can certainly invent significant technologies or fictional universes, but there is a noticeable difference in Uranus-Pallas natives who do these things.  These persons are often ceaseless fountains of innovation, and the worlds they create or evoke have a life of their own which often grows far beyond their creator.  Here is some evidence:



George Lucas - Pallas conjunct Uranus
Creator of "Star Wars" and its universe.

Isaac Asimov - Pallas conjunct Uranus
Author/creator of the "Foundation" universe.

Warren Ellis - Pallas conjunct Uranus
Author/creator of "Planetary".  The majority of his stories are miniature world-building exercises. 

Gene Roddenberry - Pallas quincunx Uranus and conjunct Uranus ruler Neptune.
Creator of "Star Trek".

JRR Tolkien - Pallas at 15 Aquarius, widely square Uranus
Author/creator of "Lord of the Rings" and its universe.

JK Rowling - Pallas at 15 Aquarius, quincunx Uranus
Author/creator of "Harry Potter" and its universe.

Stan Lee - Pallas square Uranus
Creator of the "Marvel Universe" of super-heroes. 

Kim Stanley Robinson - Pallas trine Uranus
Author/creator of the "Mars Trilogy" and its extremely rich universe.

Frank Herbert - Pallas septile Uranus
Author/creator of "Dune".



George HW Bush - Pallas conjunct Uranus 
The man who brought the term "New World Order" into the popular lexicon.

Bernie Sanders - Pallas opposite Uranus 
A man currently wooing millions into his own vision of a "Socialist" America

Arianna Huffington - Pallas trine/parallel Uranus
HuffPo is something of a universe unto itself.

Ron Paul - Pallas trine Uranus (helped by Sun/Mercury)
The "spark" of modern libertarian culture (and its mutant child the Tea Party). 

Karl Marx - Pallas square Uranus
Creator of a notional world which many in the 20th century attempted to make real.

Margaret Thatcher - Pallas square Uranus
Creator of a sort of "alternate England" not seen before or since.

Kim Il-Sung - Pallas sesquiquadrate Uranus
Creator of North Korea, a universe unto itself.

Jim Jones - Pallas sesquiquadrate Uranus

Marshall Applewhite - Pallas sesquiquadrate Uranus
Leader of the "Heaven's Gate" cult. 

Adolf Hitler - Pallas tridecile / mundane-square Uranus, Pallas semisquare ruler of Uranus
Another world-builder.

L Ron Hubbard - Pallas sextile Uranus
Prolific science-fiction author and creator of the world-view called Scientology.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Mercury at the midpoint of Uranus and Pallas.
Author of fiction, and forefather of the modern totalitarian State.

Donald Trump - Pallas parallel Uranus
Creator of a real estate and media empire,  one which may acquire the United States soon.

Rupert Murdoch - Pallas contraparallel Uranus (bridged by Sun)
Fox News, like HuffPo, is something like its own universe.



Thomas Edison - Pallas conjunct Uranus
Through technologies he either created or stole, is also the author of a world:  ours.

Steve Jobs - Pallas quincunx Uranus (bridged by Jupiter)
Brought us the "universe" of Apple products.

Joy Mangano - Pallas in Aquarius opposite Uranus
Inventor and midwife of a "world" of household devices.



Anne Frank - Pallas conjunct Uranus
The WW2 diarist who recreated her tiny universe for the world.

Margaret Mead - Pallas square Uranus (helped by Mercury)
The legendary anthropologist who brought the cultures of Samoa and others to the West.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - Pallas semisquare Uranus
Soviet gulag survivor who revealed that "world" to the rest of the world.


Elvis Presley - Pallas conjunct Uranus
A "world-builder" in popular music if ever there was one.

Miles Davis - Pallas square Uranus
Created or helped to create numerous major sub-genres of Jazz.

Hugh Hefner - Pallas square Uranus (helped by Mercury)
Created the Playboy "universe" of entertainment for males.

Johann Sebastian Bach - Pallas at Uranus-Neptune midpoint, semisextile Uranus
Developer of the chromatic 12-tone scale upon which virtually all Western music is based.

I hope this communicates some of the "feel" of this aspect.  As with all my Pallas research, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg.  For numerous similar examples of Pallas in aspect to the other planets, please see my "Interpreting Pallas" talk.

My own chart has Mars in Gemini conjunct my Pallas-Uranus midpoint, perhaps accounting for my own knack for discovering new astrological techniques. 

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