Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pallas Opposite Jupiter

Transiting Pallas has been opposite Jupiter in the sky as of late, the opposition having peaked in the past week.  Pallas represents intelligence, ethics, and logic (this blog and associated web site provides quite a bit of evidence for this assertion).  Jupiter is generally accepted as the ruler of the areas of philosophy, mass communications, belief systems, and the like.  When these two planets form a discordant aspect such as an opposition, we often get skillful use of Jupiterian facilities (media, law, etc.)... which are based on or which reveal ethical wrongdoing.  These aspects often resonate with the saying "the end justifies the means".

During this period, three events have transpired on the national stage which may fit the transit.  First, the ransomware attacks which have afflicted computers around the world through a Microsoft XP flaw.  Here, Jupiter in Libra may represent an enemy (Libra) in the public communication system (Jupiter) acting against the ability to process information (Pallas).  Second, the release of new reports that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich provided massive amounts of information to Wikileaks, making him the probable cause of the DNC leaks last year (as opposed to Russian hackers).  Third, the current joint effort by the Democrats and the mainstream corporate media to accuse President Trump of improper collusion with Russia.   Some say the third event is a coverup for the second, as a full investigation into the Seth Rich murder may prove disadvantageous to the DNC. 

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