Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Day-Trading Bitcoin

I've been using astrology to day-trade Bitcoin for the past few weeks.  Here are a few things I've learned:

1.  It can be done.  I did it, consistently winning more trades than not, and generating enough income to live on, using less than one Bitcoin to trade.  And this was trading part-time, while working elsewhere. 

2.  You may not want to try it.  It requires patience, discipline, strong astrology skill, pattern-matching ability, emotional resilience, and perhaps luck and intuition.  I will not detail my methods.  If you have the skill set and mindset it takes to do this, you will figure out how it works.  If you can't or won't figure it out, you probably shouldn't do it. 

3.  It may drive you mad if you do try it.  The "wildcard" factors are very strong, including high variation in the timing and behavior of transits.  Also, internet service and exchange outages can ruin your plans even if they're perfect.  I will probably limit myself to a small number of trades per day going forward, to retain my sanity.  I'm not sure I actually enjoy the work. 

4.  If you try it, use the London chart.  Sydney (a location used by one or more astrologers who believe that Australian Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto) does not work as well. 

5.  Consider using Litecoin instead.  The Litecoin price moves with Bitcoin, but by generally higher percentages. 

Buy and HODL if you're not as crazy as I am.  Otherwise, good luck!   

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