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I intend this blog is to discuss the intersection of astrology and politics from a libertarian point of view (the view that the initiation of force is not valid or productive for human society). Many astrologers write regularly on politics: virtually all of them do so from the perspective of what is currently known as the political Left (there are reasons for this which I may discuss later). While I know of libertarians and right-wingers who are astrologers, some of them very accomplished, it appears that none of them publish astrological commentary on politics regularly.

Most political astrology writing I've encountered could be described as "astro-political-poetry": it uses the astrological charts of political events and persons to describe the psychological dynamics and archetypal resemblances between the charts and the events/persons they describe. They succeed in conveying a "feeling" for the their subject matter but generally gloss over or ignore the psycho-astrological roots of what motivates them. Most political astrologers can brilliantly point out symbolic connections between astrological patterns and, say, acts of war or bad behavior by right-wing politicians. They do not, however, address the astrological roots of ethics which allow for war, and what makes persons right (or left) -wing. In my opinion, they miss the core of astrology's potential to help us understand politics.

Informing the content here will be a theory I have formulated which maps astrological patterns to different political ideologies. Central to the theory is what I consider to be an undeniable correlation between the condition of the asteroid Pallas on the horoscope, and the horoscope native's acceptance or rejection of the initiation of violence. I posit that astrologically, Pallas IS the non-aggression axiom, which comprises libertarianism and is the seat of ethics in the horoscope. I support this assertion, and the political-mapping theory built around it, with hundreds of examples on my site.

This blog will host comment on astrological correlations with current and historical events using my astrological methods, expound on those methods and their development, host analyses of natal charts of possible interest to libertarians (my site has hundreds of these in brief form), and illustrate the destructive nature of the State through astrology.


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