astrologer / violinist


An astrologer for nearly three decades, I conduct extensive research into new techniques, and provide readings for clients.


I am, in all likelihood, the world's only expert on the practical interpretation of the asteroid Pallas. I have examined Pallas on thousands of astrological charts and have created what I believe to be the largest knowledge base in existence on the topic. This includes:


I provide astrological readings to clients in the San Francisco area or on Skype.



I accept tips in Bitcoin: 1912mC6wRPJcpnzgbZyLHLG3mu8e4JuqZ1 or in Paypal to my email ( Thanks!


Trained on the violin by master educator Serban Rusu (formerly an assistant to the great Josef Gingold) and jazz violinist Mads Tolling, I have toured and recorded with numerous artists (including Noe Venable and Emily Bezar among many others) spanning a range of musical styles. I continue to perform and record in the San Francisco area.

RECORDINGS (sideman/violin)

VIDEO (mostly live clips as sideman/violinist)