As I continuously report in my Libertarian Astrology blog, foul play, oppression, and violence tend to occur when Pallas (or her ruler) forms an aspect with Pluto. Pallas, ruling ethics and non-aggression, is significantly weaker when in aspect to Pluto. Other planetary aspects will trigger, enhance, or suppress this property.

For lack of a better term, we might label the Pallas-Pluto cycle as representing the recurring birth, growth, and maturation of "evil". The cycle experiences irregularities, but is approximately five years long. Discordant aspects from Jupiter to Pallas or her ruler can trigger similar effects to Pallas-Pluto connections. Also, extremely strong events such as wars and revolutions are often set in motion behind the scenes during major points in the Pallas-Pluto cycle, to bear visible fruit when the Pallas-Pluto connection is weaker.


Date Aspect Events
March 2020 Conjunction Terror attack in Kabul, Covid-19 lockdowns worldwide, George Floyd riots
May-June 2017 Square Terror attacks or mass violence in Manchester, Egypt, Afghanistan, Mississippi, Kabul, London, and Orlando
April 2017 Quintile Terror attack in St Petersburg, US bombs Syrian air base
January 2017 Semisquare-Septile Terror attacks in Istanbul, Ft Lauderdale, Jerusalem, and Melbourne
December 2016 Novile Terror attacks in Berlin, Istanbul, Cairo, Mogadishu, and Yemen
August 2016 Semisquare-Novile Terror attacks in Pakistan and Yemen
July 2016 Septile Terror attacks in Orlando, Istanbul, Bangladesh, Baghdad, Dallas, Nice, Munich, and Japan
Apr 2016 Novile Terror attack in Kabul
Mar 2016 Semisquare Terror attacks in Lahore, Brussels, Ivory Coast and Turkey
Nov-Dec 2015
Jan 2016
Conjunction Turkey downs Russian plane over Syria, San Bernadino massacre, Paris Climate Deal, CISA passes, terror attacks in Paris, Baghdad, Jakarta, Burkina Faso, Pakistan, Somalia
Jan 2015 Novile Charlie Hebdo Massacre
Dec 2014 Septile-Semisquare Anti-police riots in US
Dec 2013 Trine Bombings in Russia, US moves secretly to overthrow Ukraine
Aug 2013 Opposition Syria Chemical Weapons Saga
Dec 2010 Conjunction Arab Spring
Apr 2009 Opposition H1N1 Scare, ACA Hearings, Somali Pirate Attacks, Sri Lanka War Crisis
Jan 2009 Quincunx Barack Obama takes office; immediately orders drone strikes on Afghanistan
Feb 2006 Conjunction al-Askari Mosque bombing in Iraq
May 2004 Opposition Abu Ghraib scandal
Mar 2003 Square US-Iraq War II begins, Zoran Djindjic assassinated
Sep-Oct 2001 Conjunction 9-11, start of US-Afghan war
Apr 2001 Conjunction Israel attacks and seizes land in Gaza
Jun-Jul 1999 Opposition Kosovo crisis
Oct-Nov 1996 Conjunction Pakistan ouster, Bill Clinton re-elected
Mar-Apr 1995 Opposition Tokyo sarin gas attack, Oklahoma City Bombing
Apr 1993 Square Waco Massacre
Nov 1991 Conjunction Bill Clinton elected
Jan 1991 Semisquare ruler; Jupiter semisquare Gulf War commences with Operation Desert Storm
Aug 1990 Opposition Operation Desert Shield deploys
Apr 1990 Opposition Lithuania/Nepal crises
Dec 1986 Conjunction US embargoes Iran
May-Jun 1985 Opposition US aids Contras, TWA Flight 847 hijacking, Beirut embassy kidnapping
Aug-Sep 1982 Conjunction Aquino assassinated, KAL007, New Caledonia strife, USSR nearly launches nukes
Jan 1981 Opposition El Salvador offensive, Reagan takes office and supercharges Cold War
Oct-Nov 1980 Opposition Iran-Iraq war, Reagan elected
May-Jun 1980 Opposition South Korea strife, failed Assad assassination, Carter requires draft registration
Mar 1980 Opposition Mugabe ascends, US boycotts Moscow Olympics, Archishop Romero slain
Sep-Oct 1977 Conjunction Kabul riots, Lufthansa 181 hijacking
Feb-Mar 1976 Opposition Morocco denies Western Sahara independence, Kissinger rails against Cuba
Jul-Aug 1975 Opposition Japanese Red Army hostage crisis, Bangladesh military coup
Oct 1972 Conjunction Egypt-Israeli war, Thailand coup, Kissinger wins Nobel
Mar 1971 Opposition White House bombed, US airmen kidnapped in Turkey, Assad takes Syria, Pakistan attacks rebels
Mar-Jun 1968 Conjunction Polish riots, My Lai massacre, US drops gold standard, Paris bombings/riots, MLK assassinated,
Columbia University shutdown, Warsaw Pact menaces Czechs, Brussels university occupation, de Gaulle dissolves French National Assembly
Nov-Dec 1967 Conjunction LBJ starts "spinning" Vietnam news, NYC anti-war protestors arrested
Jun 1967 Square Six-Day Arab-Israeli War
Feb 1965 Sesquiquadrate Malcolm X assassination
Aug 1964 Quintile, Jupiter opposition Gulf of Tonkin incident
Nov 1963 Semisquare JFK Assassinated
Jul-Aug 1963 Conjunction rash of protest suicides in Vietnam
Oct-Dec 1961 Opposition Paris police attack Muslim demonstration, Dominican police attack demonstrators,
US warships to Dominican Republic, Castro announces Communism, USSR severs ties to Albania, US sends reinforcements to Vietnam, Albany GA holds out against desegregation
Mar-Apr 1961 Opposition Bay of Pigs invasion
Jan 1959 Semisquare Castro ousts Batista in Cuba
Aug-Sep 1958 Conjunction Chiang Kai-Shek clashes with China
Jan 1957 Opposition Eisenhower Doctrine enacted, Suez/Hungary crises, black churches bombed in AL
Mao jails vocal dissenters after promising immunity
Aug 1956 Opposition Israel attacks Gaza
Apr 1956 Opposition French send 100,000 more troops to Algeria
Nov 1955 Trine official start of Vietnam War
Mar-Apr 1954 Conjunction fighting at Dien Bien Phu, India recognizes Chinese rule in Tibet
Jul 1953 Septile Cuban Revolution begins
Jun 1950 Parallel Korean War begins
Aug 1945 Sextile US nuclear massacres of civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Feb 1942 Opposition Executive Order 9066: Japanese-American internment
Dec 1941 Quincunx Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
Sep 1939 Semisextile, trine ruler; Jupiter square WWII begins with German invasion of Poland
Jun 1934 Square lead-up to the Night of the Long Knives (Germany)
Mar 1933 Quincunx Enabling Act of 1933 grants dictatorial power to Hitler
Aug 1927 Trine Chinese Civil War begins
Oct-Nov 1917 Trine October Revolution
Apr 1915 Squine Armenian Genocide begins
Jun-Jul 1914 Quincunx WWI begins with Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassination
Apr 1861 Conjunction (bridged by Moon) American "Civil War" begins with Fort Sumter attack
Apr 1898 Conjunction Spanish-American War begins
Jun 1812 Square War of 1812 begins
May 1801 Square First Barbary War begins
Jun-Jul 1789 Quincunx French Revolution begins with storming of the Bastille
Apr 1846 Semisextile Mexican-American War begins
Apr 1775 Novile, trine ruler American Revolution begins with battles of Lexington and Concord
May 1455 Sextile Wars of the Roses begin
Jun 1340 Trine Hundred Years' War begin
Aug 1096 Opposition First Crusade begins

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