Ethics, Logic, and Skill in the Horoscope

Learn what Pallas tells us about our ethics, our socio-political convictions, our special talents, areas of insight, and our capacity for peace or violence. Astrological research on the asteroid Pallas has been sparse, vague, and not particularly compelling... until now. Using years of research painstakingly distilled from nearly a thousand horoscopes, Alan L Lin shares his findings in a talk given to the San Francisco NCGR on November 13, 2014. This is, in all likelihood, the most comprehensive overview of the astrological function of Pallas available anywhere.

"Extremely well researched and ably delivered. Well worth it." -- Linea Van Horn

"This asteroid goddess is emphatically not just for the ladies! Alan has given me tremendous insight into Athene's meaning in the charts of men." -- Jamie Kahl Miller

"I hope Alan writes a book too. I'd buy it in a NY minute!" -- Christopher Renstrom

Interpreting Pallas: MP3 recording (108 minutes) + PDF of full slide presentation (200+ images, 100+ example charts!): $9.99 (download link emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase)

Pallas Bundle: "Interpreting Pallas" MP3/PDF as above PLUS "Pallas Athene: Ball-Buster or Daddy's Little Girl?" MP3/slides from the San Francisco Astrological Society talk by Jamie Kahl Miller. Deep mythology and archetype exploration from Jamie in addition to Alan's chart-oriented work: $14.99 (download link emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase)

Write to me at "alan" + "@" + "" to purchase by Bitcoin or make other arrangements.

This is the graphic created and used by San Francisco NCGR to promote the talk.