Friday, May 3, 2013

May 2013 AstroLibertarian Forecast

This forecast (and any to follow) is an experiment to see if I can use my political classification theory to forecast political events. For example, the recent Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent police lockdown of the city coincided with Pallas conjunct the South Node, trine Pluto, and ruled by Venus which on that day was in a hard aspect against Jupiter. Using my method (including other aspects not listed), I would interpret the chart of that day as astrologically "authoritarian" and potentially violent.

May 1-9: Pallas continues to be within an eight degree conjunction with the South Node until May 18. The Pallas-Pluto trine is subsiding. The State may attempt to continue to push its recent spurt of expansion attempts in the first two weeks of the month but may not do so well.

May 9 to May 11: a tight triple conjunction between Pallas, the Sun, and Mercury forms. Likelihood of good news on the liberty front for these few days, and possibly a couple of days before and after. Sun remains conjunct Pallas within eight degrees through the 29th, but Mercury is gone by the 16th.

May 14-15: Mercury and the Sun form sesquiquadrate aspects to Pluto while still in conjunction with Pallas. Some not-so-great news to follow the good news.

May 18: Venus, ruler of Pallas, quincunx Pluto.
May 18-26: Pallas sesquiquadrate Pluto, peaking on the 22nd. Some kind of victory here for the forces of evil, perhaps starting on the 18th and culminating around the 22nd? On the 18th, Venus (quincunx Pluto) rules Pallas and the Sun, and is widely square Neptune which in turn is square Venus' ruler Mercury. This fits the astrological profile for a possible mass-murder or other violent event which would then become a tool for those with political agendas (gun control, expanded police powers military action, etc.) -- this type of event has been occurring a few times a year recently. Luckily the South Node is getting out of range and the Sun is still around, so hopefully it won't be earth-shattering. Better yet, I'll be completely wrong.

May 24: Mercury conjunct Venus, ruler of Pallas. Some good news.

May 28: Pallas crosses into Gemini, transferring rulership to Mercury, which is quindecile Pluto. Possible bad news, hopefully minor.

This is my first attempt at an astrological liberty forecast -- we'll just have to see how it works. I plan to add comments below as my various forecasts succeed or fail.

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