Monday, May 6, 2013

The Monster in Bob Avakian's Chart

This is the chart of one Bob Avakian, chairman and guru of the Revolutionary Communist Party, considered to be the foremost Maoist revolutionary in America. As I wrote in the previous post, I encountered his acolytes and some of his writing recently. The latter suggested to me that Avakian possesses a deeply compromised ethical system. Being the Plutonian sort of fellow I am, I found myself inspired to research his chart to trace the cause of his moral malaise.

On first glance, this looks like the chart of a "left-libertarian", a person of strongly integrated ethics and an equally strong preference for a shared, rather than individual, concept of physical property. Pallas is closely conjunct that Pisces Sun, and appears to form no aspect with Pluto, no hard aspect with Jupiter, and no aspect with the South Node. The sign rulers of Pallas in Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune, likewise appear to have no connection to Pluto or the South Node; finally, Neptune is not in a hard aspect with Jupiter. At first glance, we are looking at what appears to be a strongly ethical individual who will have a natural and very strong disinclination to the initiation of violence.

The "left" part of our initial "left-libertarian" diagnosis is easy to parse: Neptune is going to be opposite the Moon regardless of birth time (giving us a cultural liberal), and Venus is both widely opposite Neptune and ruled by Mars which is trine Neptune (giving us an someone with a very high likelihood of living on the economic Left, if not the far Left).

We already know that Mr. Avakian is anything but a libertarian, however. The "trick" in this chart is in the declination: Jupiter, co-ruler of Pallas in Pisces, is tightly parallel Pluto. Parallels in declination are fairly uncommon: so much so that it's usually possible to do this analysis without looking at declination at all. When it happens, however, it's a very significant factor. Avakian's ethical structure may well be, with Pallas on the Sun, radiating through his entire being... but that structure itself is essentially corrupted by power, as represented by Pluto. This likely is the chart of someone for whom "might makes right", on a conscious or unconscious level.

The monster in Bob Avakian's chart is somewhat bigger than just that of a left-authoritarian political bent, however. As a side project to my political classification system, I have also examined the charts of about half of the serial murderers on AstroDatabank. Every single case contains the signature for a "left-authoritarian" type, with three added features: Pluto in aspect to the Sun or its ruler, Pluto in aspect to Venus (or Second House) or her ruler, and Pluto in aspect to the Moon (or Fourth House) or her ruler. Bob likely has all three: the Sun co-ruled by Jupiter which is parallel Pluto, Venus ruled by Mars which is opposite Pluto, and Moon trine Pluto. The Mars-Pluto opposition probably doesn't help either, suggesting a great capacity for destructive action.

So while Mr. Avakian is (probably) not a serial murderer or a murderer at all, his chart, like his writing, suggests someone who very well could be one. And so the chart is entirely appropriate, in my view, for a would-be Communist revolutionary. That his followers are impotent and few is a blessing to the world.

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