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Politics of the Planets

My somewhat extensive research tells me that many planets have political opinions. When they are strongly placed on the horoscope, their natural inclinations shine through the wearer of the horoscope. The wearer can be a moment, a person, a corporation, a law, or a nation. The natural opinions of these planets can be magnified, subverted, modified, and/or reversed by aspects from other bodies. Each of these planets reacts differently to different factors.

THE MOON (and Fourth House, and the rulers of both)

protection of culture, land, race, tradition

In charts where the Moon (and/or Fourth House, and/or ruler of either) is amplified by the North Node, we see a desire to protect culture, land, race, and tradition. This can range from the "my country right or wrong" of the cultural conservatives of any culture, to the religious conservatism of inland rural cultures, to the extreme racial-superiority credo of eugenicists and their ilk.

When the Moon (and/or surrogates) is touched by Neptune and/or the South Node (often even if the North Node is also affecting her), we see an openness and even a desire to dissolve or change the culture, open the borders of the land, and disregard race or promote the foreigner. This is the mark of the "cultural liberal".

A strong Pallas can reduce or obviate the effects of both these manifestations.

VENUS (and Second House, and the rulers of both)

value, property, ownership, capitalism

Venus is one of two planets representing capitalism. She is a private-property capitalist by nature, only partaking in exchange when it is consensual and to mutual benefit. When she (and/or surrogates) is with the North Node, the preference for capitalism is especially strong.

When Venus (and/or surrogates) is with the South Node and/or Neptune, her desire for strict private property distinctions weakens or dissolves. Manifestations can range from the liberal supporter of the welfare state, to the conservative supporter of trade protectionism (which must violate private property ownership to operate), to the utopian Marxist.

A strong Pallas can move the native significantly or completely to the capitalist end of the spectrum.

PALLAS (and her sign rulers)

non-aggression, defensive capability, peace, libertarianism, capitalism

Pallas has a Black Belt in jiu-jitsu and carries a gun, but she will never attack first and will defend her peaceful neighbors if she can. When Pallas and/or her sign ruler(s) are with Mercury, the Sun, or the North Node; or when Pallas is with the signs ruler(s) of Mercury or the Sun, she is strong in the chart. She is a private-property capitalist by default, unless Venus is heavily influenced by Neptune or the South Node: often even those do not sway her. Pallas rules the peacemakers, the voice of reason in the maelstrom of politics, and the struggle to obtain, and share, freedom.

When Pallas is moved away from her natural self by Pluto, the South Node, and/or by hard aspects from Jupiter, she is force and violence personified, bringing wanton destruction, blind or indifferent to the effects of her actions: evil. Most astrological charts, and people, have at least a little of Athena's darker sibling.


dissolution, change, liquidity, delusion, idealism

Neptune and the South Node rule both the economic and cultural Left, for both good and ill. Change, openness, spirituality, dreams, and fluidity are necessary components of life. In excess, they destroy life. In the political chart, they operate not under their own power but by changing the expression of the Moon and Venus. I have written at some length about Neptune's politics here.


Sun and Mercury: these fellows don't seem to care about politics unless with Pallas.

Mars: apparently unconcerned with politics.

Jupiter: both the Left and Right want to claim him as their own, but I discern no effect other than to shift Pallas to the authoritarian side when in a hard aspect with her or her ruler(s).

Saturn: both the Left and Right want to claim him as being on the other side. With Venus, he seems to shift the chart economically a little to the Left.

Uranus: when with the North Node, he seems to make authoritarian types more dangerous. He does not appear to be a true libertarian factor. Thanks to Dale O'Brien for pointing out a few things to me on this planet.

Pluto: an authoritarian factor when in any relationship to Pallas or her ruler(s). Richard Tarnas dedicates a chapter of Cosmos and Psyche to linking Saturn-Pluto alignments with rises in conservative political power. This suggests that Pluto may be a co-ruler, along with Neptune, of the Left. The symbolic implications of this are rich.

For examples, hundreds of them, please see my research.

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