Friday, May 24, 2013

Mea Culpa

Until a few years ago, when Pluto squared my Uranus, Uranus opposed my Pluto, the North Node conjoined my Pallas, Saturn opposed my Pallas, and my progressed Pallas made a station, I supported an inhumane, hypocritical, and destructive political ideology.

I was a liberal.

I dutifully screamed and protested when Bush hacked up the Bill of Rights and started two wars in the Middle East, but I looked the other way when Clinton massacred a peaceful community in Texas and murdered a half-million Iraqi children through sanctions.

I supported Democratic politicians who talk up peace and civil liberties when running for office and then trample both when in power.  

I supported a corrupt social welfare system which incentivizes Americans to stay out of the workforce and have children out of wedlock: a system which by any measure has increased poverty in America. 

I supported a "Social Security" system which began by stealing money from black Americans (of lower life expectancy) to give to white Americans (of higher life expectancy) and now steals money from the besieged working classes of today to give to the Baby Boomers, the wealthiest generation in American history.

I supported labor unions, which enrich their members by denying jobs to those more in need of work than union members.  

I supported "anti-discrimination" laws which frighten employers away from hiring women and minorities out of fear of lawsuits.   I supported "affirmative action" which promotes lesser-qualified candidates into jobs based on ethnicity. 

I supported the "Environmental Protection" Agency which leases land to corporations for clear-cutting and destruction at drastically lower cost than those corporations would have paid private parties, thereby subsidizing environmental destruction through tax money. 

I supported health care "reform", written by the insurance industry, which raises the cost and paperwork involved with care, reduces available services, and discourages new doctors from entering the industry.

I supported the indoctrination system of "public education" which stifles thought, trains children to obey authority without question, punishes "politically incorrect" opinion, reduces literacy, and makes learning unpleasant.  

I supported religious intolerance, joining my fellow liberals in jeering Christians as ignorant backwater fools while worshiping the State as my "scientific" Messiah.

I engaged in the wholesale stereotyping and dismissal of other cultures and ideologies, dismissing anyone not on the Left as automatically wrong without examining their ideas.  

I made heroes out of evil men and women:
  • Warren Buffett, who receives taxpayer bailouts for the failed companies he invests in, and then demands higher taxes for the working and sues for lower taxes for himself. 
  • Al Gore, whose deals with Ken Lay of Enron earned him billions which he hypocritically spends on beachfront real estate, whose ethanol subsidies killed ten million humans every year they were in force by raising grain prices, whose carbon sequestration enterprises profit by forcing African farmers off their land, and who easily shrugs off sexual assault charges by virtue of being... Al Gore.  
  • Joe Biden, who by giving us mandatory minimum sentencing for non-violent drug offenses, has singlehandedly put ten percent of adult black males in America behind bars.  
  • Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood primarily not to empower women with options, but to rid America of black people.  
  • Rachel Carson, whose questionable research succeeded in a ban of DDT and the resultant deaths of tens of millions of Africans from malaria.  
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who ordered the destruction of food and farmland during a famine that killed millions of Americans, who like Hitler rounded up and imprisoned citizens based on ethnicity and confiscated their property, whose "New Deal" programs prolonged the Depression and benefited large corporations and his own re-election campaigns, and who brought America into a destructive war in order to defend the regime of mega-murderer Josef Stalin. 

I was a liberal.  And I am deeply sorry.

the chart of a guilty ex-liberal

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