Monday, July 1, 2013

July 2013 Speculation

In the absence of larger astrological events, using Pallas to forecast political events seems to be valid so far.  I learned from last month's events that Pallas will not always be the biggest player on the board.  Neptune's retrograde station probably corresponds to Edward Snowden's blowing the whistle on the massive NSA spying program on US citizens.  The start of a Neptune-Saturn-Jupiter grand trine in the last days of June probably corresponds to many pieces of news welcomed by the political Left, both libertarian and authoritarian in character.

This Neptune-Saturn-Jupiter grand trine has only gotten started.  We got a brief taste of it when the Sun foreshadowed the approach of Jupiter and the US Supreme Court overturned DOMA at the same time liberals in the Texas legislature defeated an anti-abortion bill, among many lesser-reported events.  Jupiter hasn't even reached the peak of the trine, as it will on July 17.  After the 17th, the grand trine is nowhere near done:  the configuration remains within orb through the rest of the month.  At month's end, this grand trine is joined by a second grand trine to form a six-pointed "grand sextile".  The winner this month is going to be Neptune.  His politically Progressive children are probably going to feel at home... but given Neptune's penchant for regularly drowning his followers, "at home" may not always mean "happy".  Neptune, after all, rules delusion and disillusionment as well as hopes and dreams. 

On July 18, Uranus makes a retrograde station.  It's not a stretch to guess that something will bring our attention to sociopolitical matters and the balance between individual volition and collective movement. 

Pallas herself makes no direct major aspects to planets that either help or hinder her.  She is ruled by Mercury until the 21st and by the Moon thereafter.  Mercury is trine with the North Node most of the month, peaking after the 15th.  Around this peak, however, Mercury is going to be contraparallel Pluto -- the same mixed messages of liberation and authority we got in the last week of June. Around the 21st looks like a little bit of a "hotspot" with both Pluto and the North Node affecting the ruler of Pallas. 

My guess is for not much earth-shattering political news this month except for (maybe) around the 18th through the 21st, with the majority of news being lefty-friendly. 

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