Saturday, July 6, 2013

Snowden versus Zimmerman

Edward Snowden and George Zimmerman are two Americans who have been at the top of the news in recent days.  Here's an astrological riddle:  what astrological transit were both these men experiencing as they committed the acts that made them famous?  Take a look:

Snowden approaches the press


Zimmerman fires his gun

This is not a fluke.  Pluto activating natal or progressed Pallas triggers an ethical crisis.  The transit tests our sense of what is ethical and logical, sometimes to extremely dramatic effect.  We find ourselves pulling the trigger, metaphorically or even literally, on actions that would have been unthinkable before.  Most of us get some form of this a few times in our lives.  We usually don't display the selfless grace of an Edward Snowden, but we also usually don't find ourselves in George Zimmerman's shoes, or go to the violent extremes of these fellows below: 

Adam Lanza starts a killing spree

James Holmes walks into a cinema.  Progressed Pallas, not shown, is at 10 Cap.

Columbine massacre, part one

Columbine massacre, part two
2009 Binghamton shootings
Unruh's "Walk of Death"

2011 Norway attacks

for those that believe 9-11 was an "inside job"

An important aspect of Pallas and her ethics is the respect for boundaries.  One can see in each of these cases, good or ill, how boundaries are broken.

The astrological Pallas is not the least bit trivial.  She can be very much a life-and-death matter. 

Oh, wait.  There's also this:

Bradley Manning, around the first Wikileak attributed to him

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