Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Who Benefits from the Zimmerman Verdict?

It remains to be seen if the acquittal of George Zimmerman will be good for Zimmerman himself.  Hated by millions of Americans, he might be facing the end of his life sooner than if he were behind bars and presumably protected by the State.  There nevertheless are persons who profit enormously from the verdict. 

Barack Obama, Commander-in-Chief of the US armed forces and the executioner of hundreds of children via predator-drone strikes, has murdered more young men of color than a thousand George Zimmermans ever could.  The trial verdict has given Obama what he needs most during the storm of scandals that have rocked his administration this summer:  a distraction for the public.  Note Jupiter and Mars conjunct Obama's Venus, bringing energy and gifts. Venus transiting into his Seventh House of relationship sweetens his relationships, including his relationship with his vassals (us).  Neptune conjoining his Chiron in the First House conceals his wounds.  Trayvon Martin is dead, George Zimmerman is (nominally) free, and Barack Obama is probably thanking his dark gods for it.

Al Sharpton, who is largely responsible for bringing Zimmerman to trial after an initial police investigation cleared him of wrongdoing, benefits greatly from the verdict.  Jupiter in Cancer is crossing his Ascendant, breathing new life into his race-baiting gospel.  Pluto is conjunct his North Node in the Seventh, super-charging his publicity efforts.   Chiron is crossing his Midheaven into the Tenth House, repairing a career that has been out of the spotlight.

Jesse Jackson, less prominent now than his brethen hatemongers, also sees benefit.  The North Node is at his Midheaven and traveling into his Ninth House of publicity.  Hallelujah? 

Let us not forget the Fast-and-Furious One himself, Eric Holder.  He has yet to account for his complicity in running guns to Mexican drug cartels:  with the Zimmerman furor it is possible Holder's often lethal criminality may continue to slide under the radar.  Venus conjoins his Pluto:  oh, how sweet the taste of power!  Jupiter conjoins his Uranus, amplifying his power to make more mischief.  Finally, Pluto approaches his Pallas:  if Holder remains in power, what he does next may make the Fast and Furious scandal pale in comparison.

If the Martin-Zimmerman tragedy had never occurred, these four men would have had to invent it.  Then again, when one examines the actual evidence of the case, one wonders if they actually did. 

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