Sunday, July 21, 2013

Politically Incorrect Astrology

Modern political life owes much to the Communists, the dearest of Neptune's political children.  This goes far beyond the splashy comic-book hues and socialist slogans of Obama campaign posters.  Over a century ago, Marx and Engels took the concept of forced communal ownership out of the realm of the Diggers and other Christian radicals and made it into a religion unto itself.  They gave mystical ideas a "scientific" veneer and the political world has been buying them ever since.  Even in America, the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto are, in whole or in large part, the law of the land.  The Communists have also given us the modern idea of political correctness

The right-wing astrologer Glenn Perry observed, long before me, that Neptune is the astrological root of political correctness (yet even he avoids revealing his political bent on his site).  Political correctness is an entirely Neptunian phenomenon.  It posits that the Neptunian hopes and dreams of the herd (or those who claim to speak for it) constitute a reality even more valid than that which can be empirically observed and logically concluded.  It tells us that the woman who takes months of paid maternity leave is economically identical to the man (or woman) who doesn't.  It tells us that racism is automatically the culprit if an individual belonging to a "disadvantaged minority" under-performs, without looking at the individual case.  It is, as are many of Neptune's creations, deceptive and untrue at its core. 

In writing about the astrological Pallas beyond the usual vague platitudes about "wisdom" and "insight", one faces a funny conundrum.  Astrology itself lives in the blurry dreamworld of Neptune.  Neptune is usually the opposite of clarity and logic.  In political discourse, he prefers "Hope and Change" and "Forward!" to the stricter language of "bombing civilians is immoral, even for  Democrats" and "if you spend money you don't have, it won't end well".  Neptune and his children will look the other way when the view is unpleasant.  Pallas won't let you look anywhere else if the house is on fire. 

When writing about Pallas in astrology, there is a strong pull towards softening her edge and dulling her clarity in order to reach the Neptunian audience.  Pallas does not care for whim of the herd: she cares for what is right.  She will state in her clear, still voice that two plus two equals four, but unlike Winston Smith in Orwell's 1984, she will not buckle under even the most forceful attempt to tell her otherwise.  In the world of politics, which is in large part her domain, she is unabashedly libertarian and capitalist.  To miss this is to miss Pallas.  Period.

She is, as defender of what is true and correct, the goddess of the politically incorrect

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