Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Dangerous Chris Christie

Let us begin by stating what should be obvious.  Libertarianism is the ideological thread which differentiates the rare peacenik Leftist from the bloodthirsty Maoist revolutionary, and the consistent conservative from the power-hungry fascist.  Libertarian thinking, represented on the astrological chart solely by Pallas, is what keeps our troubled political world from devolving into more violence and oppression than we already have.  It is our inner "non-aggression axiom" that allows any kind of peace to exist between us all. 

So when New Jersey governor and probable presidential hopeful Chris Christie denounces libertarianism as "dangerous", we know that something is dangerously wrong with him.  Astrology can tell us what it is. 

big bad news

We don't have a time of birth for this overgrown adversary of freedom and common sense, but we can guess why he's a Republican.  The Moon is very likely trine the North Node, and her ruler Jupiter is quincunx the North Node.  When the North Node hypes up the Moon in this way, we're fairly certain to get a cultural conservative.  Jupiter is also trine Neptune, which by itself would move him Leftward, but this is not a match for two nodal connections. 

From his seeking of federal disaster aid in recent years, we know he's not a fiscal conservative.  Accordingly, Neptune is widely conjunct Venus.

Christie's Pallas is strongly compromised.  He does have Mercury, ruler of Pallas, contraparallel Sun; but Mercury is trine the energy-draining South Node.  Pallas herself is quintile Pluto.  Put this together with the previous factors, and we have a pretty awful right-wing authoritarian.  We might label him a fascist these days: a century ago, he would have been a lockstep Progressive.

This is not all.  With the compromised Pallas and the Leftist Venus, we have half the components of the bloodbath formula.  In the case of a man at risk of gaining the American throne, we might check for the other factors.  They are readily apparent.  Pluto is conjunct Sun: identification with the destructive power -- Pluto is square Moon and opposite her ruler Jupiter -- and Pluto is septile Venus:  destruction applied to that which we value.  Christie has the formula.  If we let him have the US military industrial complex, he probably will use it to the same bloody effect as Dick Cheney and Barack Obama, who also have the bloodbath formula.

We would be wise to deny Christie the throne.  Better yet:  abolish the throne. 

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