Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Neill Blomkamp / Matt Damon

In the last post, we discussed the new Leftist/Neptunian propaganda film "Elysium", created by sci-fi wunderkind Neill Blomkamp and starring Hollywood A-lister Matt Damon.  Today we look at the astrological charts for both men to see what astrology tells us about their political views. 

Given the content of "Elysium" (and also his previous film "District 9"), we would expect Blomkamp's natal chart to possess three separate indicators which together would indicate an authoritarian Leftist personality.  Those factors are Pallas (or her ruler) compromised by Pluto, Jupiter, or the South Node;  Venus and/or the Second House involved with Neptune and/or the South Node; and Moon and/or the Fourth House involved with Neptune and/or the South Node.  Here goes:

1.  Pallas is trine Pluto, which is parallel with the North Node.  Authoritarian tendencies/potential.  This may be slightly mitigated by Sun and Mercury loosely conjunct Venus, which is sesquiquadrate Pallas.

2.  Venus forms no slam-dunk connections with Neptune or the Nodes (though Neptune close to the Venus/South-Node midpoint is interesting).  Without a time of birth we can't determine what Neptune or the Nodes are doing with the Second House and its ruler.  If we had a birth time, we might see such a connection.  For several hundred examples of such correlations, see here.

3.  Moon,  depending on time of birth, is going to be either trine Neptune, quincunx the South Node, or both.  The Moon's ruler (the Sun) is square Neptune and quindecile the South Node either way.  "Elysium" tells us we're absolutely looking at a cultural liberal, and the chart agrees. 

Matt Damon has spent much of his career portraying troubled supermen (the disadvantaged genius of "Good Will Hunting", the mentally damaged super-soldier of the Jason Bourne movies, and now the mortally wounded and technologically augmented master thief in "Elysium").  Perhaps his Neptune-Saturn opposition along the MC-IC axis helps represent this.  Damon openly identifies with the political Left, but bravely and conscientiously speaks out against activities such as NSA spying and civilian drone-bombing, even when Democrats are committing these crimes.  Astrologically, we would expect similar patterns to Blomkamp above, but with a decidedly stronger Palladian/libertarian bent.  And so:

1.  Pallas.  Pluto is quincunx Pallas and trine/parallel her co-ruler Saturn... but as with many born in 1970 (like "Dark Knight" trilogy director Christopher Nolan), he has Pallas conjunct the North Node.  With regard to Pallas, the North Node can seriously strengthen a native's ethical consciousness, especially over time.

2.  Venus conjunct Neptune and opposite Saturn.  Leftist economic leanings, probably partially offset by the Pallas placement. 

3.  Moon, ruled by Saturn which is opposite Neptune.  Cultural liberalism.

No surprises here:  Damon is a modern progressive like director Blomkamp, but has a strong enough Pallas to put him in the more ethically consistent "principled progressive" camp that very often aligns with libertarians. 

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