Saturday, September 14, 2013

Syria Arms Pact

John Kerry made an unscripted reply to a reporter's question not long ago about how Syria could possibly escape American doom: by surrendering her chemical weapons stockpile.  Kerry, eager for war, made plain that he didn't believe it was a real option.  He did not account for master political-chess player Vladimir Putin, who expertly seized the comment and turned it into an actual arms-surrender agreement.  Between overwhelmingly negative public opinion, and Putin's gamesmanship, US warlord Barack Obama has found himself backed into a corner.  He has been politically forced to negotiate an arms-surrender deal, which is now becoming a reality

This is about peace, or at least reduced warfare.  Therefore, Pallas is involved.

Pallas-Mercury aspects, such as the one that recently kicked off the anti-Syrian-war movement in America, are incredibly strong.  Mercury is the partner with whom Pallas can most quickly and easily do her life-saving work.  Here we see transiting Pallas in a trine with Syria's Mercury.  I don't have a precise timeline for the arms agreement, but this chart for midnight of the morning of the news announcement gives us a general idea of what's happening. 

Syria isn't out of the woods yet.  She remains under assault by US-funded foreign mercenary "rebels", who are likely to stage another chemical weapon attack to give Obama the excuse he craves to launch another war.  Obama himself may not wait for such a convenient provocation: given his history, it's clear he will take any viable route to war that doesn't get him impeached. 

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