Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ted Cruz

Freshman Senator Ted Cruz got himself elected to the national stage in part by posing as fully libertarian and courting Ron Paul's large and loyal base of supporters.  He quickly then earned their ire by moving toward mainstream Republican positions on issues.  By virtue of his occasionally taking libertarian positions against the party leadership, he has risen quickly in the public eye and is now a top GOP presidential contender.

Astrologically, Cruz is a mixed bag on two of the three levels that we examine in this blog:  ethical and economic.  This makes him hard to pin down ideologically on a number of issues:  a great asset to an ambitious politician but perhaps not so trustworthy to those who care about specific principles.

Pallas/Ethics:   Pallas is sextile the Sun, septile Mercury, and widely conjunct the North Node.  There is a genuine libertarian impulse here.  However, Jupiter (co-ruler of Pallas) is square the Nodes, adding uncertainty;  Neptune (the other co-ruler) is sextile Pluto, moving him away from the pure libertarian ethic.  Neptune, which is widely conjunct Jupiter, is square Pallas: this indirect/wide square from Jupiter to Pallas may also have some authoritarian effect. 

Venus/2nd-House/Economics:  Venus is parallel the North Node, which is in the solar 2nd House:  there is some genuine fiscal conservative impulse here.  However, Pluto which co-rules Venus is sextile Neptune; Neptune is quindecile Saturn and semisquare Uranus, co-rulers of the solar 2nd House.  While Cruz may be more conservative than many on economics, he is not totally reliable here, either.

Moon/4th-House/Culture:  The Moon, regardless of birth time, is trine and parallel the North Node: genuine cultural-conservative leanings. 

Perhaps of interest is the prominent Saturn, for a number of reasons.  Saturn co-rules Aquarius, which has long been known as a common Sun sign for conservatives:  here Saturn rules the Sun at zero degrees Capricorn.  Saturn is sesquiquadrate Pluto in Cruz's chart:  Richard Tarnas associates hard Saturn/Pluto aspects with conservatism.  Finally, Saturn is quindecile Neptune and widely opposite Neptune's ruler Jupiter:  my own studies strongly associate Neptune with the political Left, so this placement is symbolically consistent with a personality that routinely frustrates the Left.

The low-hanging fruit in the chart may be the Mercury-Uranus square.  It arguably reflects Cruz's knack for sowing discord and division through speech.  It may also reflect inconsistency in his message. 

Cruz's Right-leaning Moon and mixed Pallas signature cement his place in the Republican party, even with the mixed Left/Right economic picture.  He will probably continue to appeal to many and may go far.  Hardcore libertarians have already learned to view him with caution, applauding him when he does the right thing by them.  Astrology counsels that they continue to do so.  

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