Saturday, October 5, 2013

Atlas Shrugged

The Christian Bible is the most influential book in America today.  This is fairly obvious and, being that we are in the Age of Pisces, appropriate.  During an epoch ruled by Neptune, one would expect that a tome of faith and mysteries is the most widely read of all writing.

Even what Christians might consider the most anti-Christian of works:  openly Satanic texts, the most offensive sections of the Talmud, certain interpretations of Masonic writings...  are based on the same faith in what cannot be physically seen.  They are, like Christianity, Neptunian in essence.  From the planetary perspective, these writings are essentially the same energy as that which they purport to oppose.  In addition, even the vilest of Satanic writing is generally no match for the more horrific parts of the "Good Book".  All of it, Christian and anti-Christian alike, is Neptune in forms both transcendent and senselessly murderous.

The second most influential book in the nation is less well-known, and there are parties in power today which like it to remain relatively obscure.  It is Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.  To an astrologer, this is entirely appropriate to our day and age.  Every energy and archetype has its opposition: its negation.  Every action generates an equal and opposite reaction.  To an astrologer, the Bible is a doorway to Neptune.  Atlas Shrugged is the Bible of the anti-Neptunian.  In terms of astrological symbolism, it is the anti-Bible. 

Atlas Shrugged is a complete rejection of Neptune's energies.  The book rejects Neptunian faith, vagueness, sentimentality, and deception in favor of Palladian logic, clarity, cold rationality, and brutal honesty.  It rejects Neptunian socialism and collectivism in favor of Venusian capitalism and wealth.  It rejects altruism and self-abnegation in favor of Solar/Uranian egoism and individual accomplishment.  Every page of the book contains some indictment or parody of the Neptunian archetype.  Even this book does not always escape Neptune's influence, but it is probably the clearest depiction of the archetypal struggle of the age from the point of view of those fighting Neptune's effects.  That Atlas Shrugged resonates so deeply with (anti-Neptunian) conservatives and elicits such venom from the (Neptunian) Left is no accident. 

The astrological chart of author Ayn Rand is extremely informative on many levels.  We look at it here

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