Monday, October 21, 2013


The recent declaration of bankruptcy by the city of Detroit has captured the imagination of political junkies from across the spectrum.  Progressives cry and gnash their teeth over the failure of yet another Leftist state-god;  conservatives are saying "I told you so";  anarcho-capitalists and entrepreneurs cheer the new-found opportunities and freedom of a less-regulated environment (though the bankrupt city is trying to do its best to kill the underground economic resurgence).

Detroit's unbelievably Left-wing chart

Here is a chart for the charter of Detroit's current city government (no time available).  The "Left-wingedness" of this chart practically leaps off the page and stabs the astrologer in the eye.  Extreme-left economics appear as Neptune opposite Venus and quincunx her ruler Mercury (which is also tightly conjunct Saturn, a mildly left-wing factor).  Without a strong Pallas, this configuration guarantees bad financial management on the chart of a government.  Regardless of time of birth, the Moon is conjunct Neptune:  culturally extremely liberal.

Pallas is not strong enough to save Venus.  Yes, she's quincunx the Sun and Mercury, but she's also trine Pluto.  On top of that, her co-ruler Saturn is square Pluto and parallel the South Node.  Her other co-ruler Uranus is trine the South Node.  A middle-of-the-road government to begin with in terms of authoritarianism, trending with time toward hardcore, self-immolating corruption.  The damaged Pallas on top of the extremely liquefied Venus sealed the fate of this government from the get-go. 

Here's the same chart, with transits, progressions, and solar arc superimposed for the day of the bankruptcy declaration.  Some notable features:

Transiting Pluto opposite Detroit Sun:  a type of death.

Transiting Uranus square Detroit Sun:  unexpected disruption.

Progressed Saturn, solar-arc Venus, and transiting Mercury conjunct Detroit Sun:   a difficult, life-altering decision regarding finances.

As libertarians, we hope that the government of Detroit will be smart enough to allow the current anarchist resurgence to revitalize the area, but don't realistically expect that to happen. The survivors and entrepreneurs of Detroit will have to what lovers of peace and liberty always have to do:  fight the State to survive. 

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