Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Here be monsters... or, actually, extreme leftists, openly corrupt politicians, powerful labor unions, gangsters and "gangstas", gun-control-fueled crime, and moral decay so extreme that the Drudge Report has created a special "Chicagoland" category for it.  The political birthplace of Barack Obama, this Midwestern city is probably how many libertarians and conservatives envision Hell.  The astrological chart sheds a ray of light into the cesspool.

Pallas: Ethics.  The Sun-Mercury conjunction in Leo trine Pallas is a nice surprise.  By itself it would probably make for a very libertarian, low-crime town... but the half-degree conjunction from the South Node to the Sun (ruling Mercury) sucks the connection away.  Jupiter is widely square Pallas;  Pluto is quincunx Jupiter which rules Pallas.  The South Node, a discordant aspect with Jupiter, and attention from Pluto:  the full trinity of evil where Pallas is concerned.  This makes for heavy authoritarianism, corruption, and crime.

Venus and the Second House: Economics.  Venus is in Leo, ruled by the Sun which is tightly conjunct the South Node.  As if that were not enough, the Sun is also square Neptune.  Hardcore Left-wing economics.  No surprise here.

The Moon and the Fourth House: Culture.  The South Node is conjunct the Moon and her ruler the Sun.  The Fourth House cusp is in Pisces, co-ruled Jupiter and Neptune which are semisquare each other.  While Neptune is square the Nodes (adding a little uncertainty), the overall picture is very culturally liberal. 

The overall picture from these three factors is no surprise to us.  Chicago is a very Left-wing, very corrupt/authoritarian town.  Pluto quincunx Venus, opposite the Moon, and indirectly opposite the Sun complete the Bloodbath Formula, helping to explain the extreme violent crime rate. 

Saturn is widely square Pallas and indirectly conjunct her ruler Jupiter.  Saturn/Pallas connections plus an authoritarian chart pattern seems to be present in charts associated with gun control.  This and the Bloodbath Formula make for a deadly combination:  senseless violent crime and a defenseless populace. 

Saturn at the MC:  a more traditional indicator of the heavy hand of authority.

Pluto at the point of a Yod, and the handle of the chart's overall "bucket" pattern:  power, corruption, money, etc...  

Neptune square the Nodes:  we did mention this was a very Left-wing city...

This all said, I've been to Chicago numerous times as a musician on tour, and enjoyed my visits.  Go figure. 


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