Friday, November 22, 2013

Nicolas Maduro

Current Venezuelan Communist leader Nicolas Maduro has recently been hell-bent on killing any and all consensus-based economic activity in his nation. This will do what such action always does:  destroy the productive economy (or what remains of it) or drive it underground (a la Cuba). To those with any understanding of real-world economics, it is a mystery why anti-free-market ideologies continue to plague humanity.  Astrology can help up see the psychological dynamics behind the malaise.  It is particularly obvious in the case of Maduro.

Pallas/Ethics:  believe it or not, Venezuela could have it worse -- Maduro's chart is not completely authoritarian.  It has Pallas widely conjunct the North Node, which suggests some potential for being able to choose communication, logic, and cooperation over force, domination, and violence.  But as we would expect in the chart of a Communist dictator, this factor is strongly overruled.  Pluto is septile Pallas and novile her ruler the Moon.  Power blinds him against reason.  

Venus/Second-House/Economics:  we might be lulled into suspecting free-market leanings if we first looked at Mercury, ruling the Second House, trine the North Node.  A quick look at declination shows that the South Node parallel with Mercury obliterates any possibility of such leanings.  Then, of course, there is the coup de grace:  Neptune tightly conjunct Venus (goddess of value).  Like most of his fellow economic Leftists, Maduro has a Neptunian (that is to say, completely ungrounded) perception of wealth.

Moon/Culture:  An economic Leftist can still end up on the Right (as a Fascist or early Progressive) if the Moon and/or the Fourth House are configured with the North Node.  Maduro has the opposite here:  the Moon is ruled by Venus, liquefied by the Neptune conjunction.

A solid authoritarian Pallas placement, plus economic and cultural Leftist configurations gives us a strong Left-wing authoritarian.  The very strong Pluto (parallel with the North Node) hints at Communism, as does the weak Bloodbath Formula (completed by Pluto widely square the Sun, novile Moon, and sextile Venus in combination with the above factors).

It is in defiance of economic tyranny that the youthful technologists of today have created new methods of resistance such as Bitcoin.  If these upstarts succeed, the days of Maduro and Communism may soon be truly over. 

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