Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lee Harvey Oswald

The assassination of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy a half-century ago remains a subject of endless debate and speculation to this day.  While there are still adherents to the "lone gunman" theory that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, many polls of Americans show that most are skeptical of this theory and suspect elements within the US government.  The "official story" makes Oswald into a pathetic and mentally imbalanced Marxist who murdered JFK in a desperate bid for attention.  One popular and well-supported line of speculation posits, however, that Oswald was an ardent anti-Communist employed by government intelligence services to infiltrate Left-wing groups, later used as a "patsy" for a professional hit squad which actually carried out the JFK assassination. 

Readers of this blog and its associated material know that astrology can be used, very accurately, to describe the likely political ideologies of politically active individuals.  By using astrology, we can gain insight into Oswald's personality and likely political beliefs, and thus determine with a high degree of confidence (assuming accurate birth data) if Oswald was a Left-wing malcontent or a anti-Leftist infiltrator. 

This chart immediately suggests the possibility of a career military person, possibly a special-forces or "James Bond" type.  The Moon-Pallas parallel and opposition give us a fighter, and probably an effective one.  The Pluto-Pallas conjunction gives us two things:  a capacity to utilize Plutonian energies (death, sex, deep psychology, secrecy, power, etc.) and a willingness to use them even in violation of ethical laws.  Pallas square the Nodes perhaps takes some of the potentially destructive edge from Pluto-Pallas, but we are still looking at someone who may be an extremely capable soldier or covert operative.  Oswald's short career in the US Marines is well known, but the chart suggests a personality that may have elected to serve longer and in a more covert capacity than he is reported to have done. 

Was Oswald honestly a Communist?  A slight tendency towards Left-wing economics might be seen in the weak novile between Venus and Neptune, and in the septile from Neptune to Pluto (co-ruler of Venus).  The indicators for capitalism, however, are quite strong:  Second House intercepted in Leo, which is ruled by the Sun which is conjunct the North Node.  This is already enough, but on top of that we have the North Node also conjunct Venus.  This is not merely the chart of a strongly capitalist personality but of someone who might potentially rival Ayn Rand in anti-Communist fervor.

The Oswald natal chart is not that of an ineffectual Communist misfit but of a Right-wing covert warrior.  His chart fits not the "official" narrative of the Kennedy assassination but the "conspiracy theories" that the Powers That Be continue to suppress. 

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