Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Uranus and Conservatism

Yesterday, the Stars Over Washington blog posted about the astrology of political conservatism.  Being an ardent Left-winger (with an interesting dash of libertarian-conspiracy-theorist which I applaud), blogger Jude Cowell did not have nice things to say about the right wing of the Washingtonian bird of prey.  Nevertheless, she touched on a couple of interesting points which dovetail into my own astrological theory of political ideology. 

The first point is the association of Uranus with right-wing movements, especially in America.  While I generally ignore Uranus in my own theory, there has long been evidence of such an correlation.  My friend the conservative blogger Promethean Antagonist has commented on the fact that many prominent conservative heroes such as Ayn Rand are Sun-sign Aquarians.  Far-Left astrologer and Chiron specialist Dale O'Brien associates Uranus with evil (including, for him, conservatism).  I believe he cites a study done decades ago of Sun signs of members of Congress:  Republicans came out disproportionately Aquarian and Democrats were disproportionately Arian and Piscean. 

While one can accurately identify conservative tendencies in a chart without looking at Uranus, I believe the idea of a Uranian connection has merit... but not for reasons commonly cited.  I believe conservatives are often Uranian not because of a rebellious nature (if anything, conservatives are conformists though in a different way from the Left).  Conservatives are often Uranian because Uranus is detached, intellectual, and unemotional.  This flies in the face of the "don't think.. feel!" commandment of Left-wing culture, ruled by Neptune.  Conservatives, for all their faults, are more likely to look at the bottom line rather than follow some Neptunian rapture into oblivion.  Aries and Pisces, in contrast, are perhaps less logical and more likely to "follow their hearts" without engaging their brains.  Great for art.  Deadly for economic policy.

Jude's comment about the conservative worship of aspects of the feminine is more in line with my own thinking.  My own research consistently demonstrates that conservatism is astrologically driven by Venus and the Moon, and their associated houses and rulers.  If my work has any merit, the Left/Right divide may be entirely about the way we perceive our own inner traditionally-feminine archetypes.  And of course, Pallas, goddess of non-aggression and libertarianism, is also a feminine archetype. 

I don't have birth data for Jude Cowell herself, but would guess at Neptune/South-Node involvement with the Moon (and/or rulers and/or Fourth House) and Venus (and/or rulers and/or Second House).  This, and a "mixed" Pallas signature (neither libertarian nor fully authoritarian) would account for the Leftist politics.  Probably also some Pluto involvement with Venus and/or the Moon or their rulers, for some feminist leanings. 

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