Friday, December 13, 2013

GOP Budget Capitulation

Earlier this week, the DC Republican lawmakers caved in, as usual, on federal budget negotiations.  This is no surprise:  it's the rare displays of defiance against hyper-spending and massive expansion of the national debt that are unusual for the GOP denizens of the Hill of Iniquity.  With their recent token protest against the evils of Obamacare, the rank-and-file Republicans now consider their good deed for the year to be done.  They now feel justified in returning to their usual pattern of giving the Leviathan State everything it wants.

time unknown; described as "night"

This is a chart for transits and progressions against the USA Sibley chart for the evening this week which spawned the deal.  Note that the Pallas-Pluto trine corresponding to other recent government expansions around the globe is very much in force.  While the trine is in effect, we will see the cancerous tentacles of the State expand their reach.

Other features of the chart stand out:

Transiting Jupiter square progressed USA Mars:  The power of the American State to act (Mars), greatly amplified (Jupiter), albeit perhaps awkwardly (the square).

Transiting Venus conjunct USA Pluto:  Money (Venus) for the "Plutocrats".  This one is quite literal.

Progressed Moon conjunct progressed Saturn:  On this chart, Saturn rules the Second House of finances and the Moon rules the Eighth House of debt.  This is another very literal configuration, representing the US financing its operations through debt (and taxes, arguably another Eighth House domain).

Business as usual, in other words. 

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