Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bloody Christmas

This morning's Drudge Report brings us some violent news from around the world.  37 have died in three separate bombings in the capital of Iraq.  A gunman opened fire outside a New Jersey strip club, hitting five and killing three.  The US embassy in Kabul found itself under fire this morning as well -- in this case no one was hurt. 

Regular readers of this blog know that mass violence and the persons who commit it show up in astrology through the Bloodbath Formula.  This complicated combination of planetary influences has, in my experience, almost never failed to appear when massive carnage is involved.

This is a chart for the New Jersey shootings early this morning.  The time in the news report is approximate, reported as "shortly after midnight".  These are the factors that fulfill the Bloodbath Formula:

1.  Pallas trine Pluto and contraparallel Jupiter:  ethics compromised. 

2.  Saturn, ruler of Venus, quindecile South Node and in aspect to two planets (Jupiter and Sun) which are in aspect to Neptune:  Venus (property rights including rights to one's own body) liquefied.

3.  Pluto conjunct Sun which is semisquare Saturn, ruler of Venus.  Pluto also rules the Second House in this chart.  Destruction (Pluto) of property including human bodies (Venus). 

4.  Sun conjunct Pluto:  Death (Pluto) rules the day (Sun).

5.  (optional) Mercury at the IC

Bonus:  Mars (action/violence) opposite Uranus (unexpected events) over the ASC/Descendant axis.

We may get more violence in the next week or so as the Sun approaches Pluto, and Pallas remains within orb of Pluto and Jupiter.

May your holidays be peaceful. 

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