Monday, December 30, 2013

Bombings in Russia

Two bombings over the past two days in Volgograd, Russia, have killed over 30.  Because of the astrology, I warned of the possibility of post-Christmas violence here.  This chart is for midnight between the first and second bombing:  the same configurations apply to both events.  Regular readers know the drill:  mass-murderers (including many politicians) and mass-murder events have charts that conform to the Bloodbath Formula

1.  Pallas trine Pluto and contraparallel Jupiter:  ethics compromised.

2.  Venus decile Neptune and ruled by Saturn which is quindecile South Node:  Venus (property rights including rights to one's own body) liquefied.

3.  Pluto septile Saturn, ruler of Venus:  Destruction (Pluto) of property including human bodies (Venus).

4.  Pluto conjunct Sun.  Days of death, as it were. 

5.  Mercury prominent -- conjunct Sun

I expect more violence between now and when Pallas is clear of Pluto and Jupiter.  Pallas represents, among other things, the libertarian non-aggression principle.  When she or her sign ruler is corrupted by Pluto, blocked by Jupiter, and/or drained by the South Node, evil is afoot.  When the other factors in the Bloodbath Formula also come into play, we see lethal and senseless violence. 

January 27, 2014 at 8:45 AM

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