Monday, January 6, 2014

Hillary Clinton 2016?

It is nearly officialHillary Clinton is almost certainly running for the US presidency in 2016.  So we'll take a look at her chart at the conclusion election day that year:

Progressed Chiron conjunct Clinton Mercury (Tenth House ruler):  long-term injury of some sort, related to her career.  This doesn't peak until 2017 -- it may not affect the election.

Transiting Jupiter conjunct Clinton Neptune:  the tail end of a week or so of probably great publicity.  But Neptune here rules the Fourth House, which typically in mundane astrology is an indicator of the opposition to the party in power...  

Transiting Sun conjunct Clinton Venus:  the day will bring something pleasant.

Transiting Mercury conjunct Clinton South Node:  news (Mercury) of a loss (South Node).

Transiting Saturn conjunct Clinton Jupiter:   this could in fact be an indicator of either new-found authority, or difficulty (maybe with publicity) or both.  Jupiter here rules the Second House and the Fourth House, so there could be impacts to Clinton's finances and/or home situation.  Real estate?  Moving house (a white one?)? 

Transiting North Node approaching Clinton Mars and MC:  very good for Clinton's power and authority in general, especially in December and January.  This bodes well for her. 

Prognosis?  Pretty good, for Clinton -- if she's on the Democratic ticket, and assuming she's not running against Chris Christie or some other Republican with great election-day transits (in which case we may have an astrological toss-up).  Whether a Hillary Clinton presidency would be good for the nation is another issue entirely.

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