Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bitcoin: Price Factors

This is a graph of transits against the Bitcoin genesis block chart for the next three months.  I marked the transits I believe will affect the price.  The markings are mostly based on experience from watching price movements for the past year in relation to astrological transits.

Blue:  probably positive, moving the price up.  Generally these involve Venus, the Sun, and Nepune (ruler of Venus on the chart).

Grey:  This is the upcoming Pluto conjunction with the Bitcoin Sun.  I suspect it will be positive and perhaps very much so, but with Pluto we would be amiss to dismiss the possibility of a complete disaster.

Red:  probably negative, moving the price down.  Saturn is in a long square involving a station with the Bitcoin Neptune, which rules Venus.  I am guessing this is probably suppressing price movement in general for this entire period.  The other factors are ones which we have discussed in previous posts (Neptune, Chiron, etc.).

Yes, it is a fuzzy picture with overlapping positive and negative factors, which may result in a wash in the near future.  It is a most certain there are other factors at play as yet undiscovered.  While Bitcoin may eventually turn out to be an important player in the world economy, one plays at one's own risk. 

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