Friday, March 14, 2014

The Keynesian Environmentalist?

There is no shortage of exhibits to demonstrate that Neptune rules the political Left (and perhaps government as a whole, which is essentially a deified class of criminals), as well as the currently reigning astrological Age.  The planetary lord of dreams, deception, delusion, and undoing has so thoroughly informed and infused the creations of humankind that even most astrologers don't see it.  Once seen, however, it is impossible to miss.

Today's consideration is a pair of ideologies inseparable from the modern political Left:  Keynesian economics and environmentalism.  Upon a moment's examination, these two ideologies not only conflict but are diametrically opposed.  The modern citizen is so accustomed to the conflation of these two systems that it rarely if ever occurs to him to ask if they agree with one another.  This Orwellian ability for most of the modern world to hold two contradictory ideas as true... this is yet another symptom of Neptune.

Keynesian theory is the backdrop for nearly all economic thought in the political mainstream today.  It dominates the Left (and even most of the Right) wing of the predatory bird of the State.  When we hear terms in the media such as "stimulus" and "the paradox of thrift", or when we listen to any word from the mouth of Paul Krugman or Ben Bernanke, we can know that we are in the wonderland of (Fabian Socialist) John Maynard Keynes.  Behind all of the confusing language spoken by devious men in suits, the tenets are simple:  spending is good, saving is bad, and the wise all-knowing government must goose the economy for us all to survive.  Keynesians support "make-work" to create economic activity:  digging ditches only to fill them again, breaking windows so that they can be repaired, and even waging wars are all considered to be "good" for the economy.  The center of this Neptunian "economic" philosophy is that the more we consume, the more we have.  

Environmentalism, if we strip it to its (presumed) core, is based on the idea that natural resources are finite.  If we consume or destroy this resources faster than they regenerate, we will have less of these resources.  Therefore, if we do not wish to run out, we must conserve.  Environmentalism, when it is honest, encourages saving and discourages consumption.  The true environmentalist is a capitalist, carefully measuring supply, demand, and production in pursuit of having more wealth (natural wealth, in this case) at the end of the day.

One of these ideologies is necessarily false. The mainstream Left, by presumably adopting both, is at its core self-contradictory.  Of course, it has not actually adopted both ideologies.  Its "environmentalism" is inherently false because it relies on the State, the world's worst polluter, to "protect" the environment.  This is the equivalent of putting Adolf Hitler in charge of protecting Jews.  The mainstream Left is actually not environmentalist at all, but fully Keynesian.

Astrologically, Keynesian/Leftist economics always (in my experience of studying hundreds of charts) come with Venus and/or the Second House and/or the ruler(s) thereof in association with the South Node and/or Neptune.  This combination of symbols represents dissolution/confusion/deception (Neptune and/or the South Node) as applied to the perception of physical value (Venus and/or the Second House).  Conversely, strong free-market capitalists often have charts in which Venus and/or the Second House and/or the ruler(s) thereof are strengthened by the North Node. 

JohmMarch 16, 2014 at 1:09 PM Can you say something positive about Neptune? ReplyDelete Replies astrolibertarianMarch 16, 2014 at 2:48 PM In the worlds of politics and economics (the domain of this blog), Neptune seems to have no redeeming qualities. In the realm of creativity, spirituality, art, imagination, dreams, entertainment, and non-mundane perception, there is no better friend than Neptune. Delete Reply astrolibertarianApril 29, 2014 at 9:16 AM A case in point: massively wasted resources an no "environmental" outrage.

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