Sunday, April 6, 2014

Leopold II, King of Belgium

The bloody history of Leopold II, King of Belgium, has been whitewashed in recent times.  A century ago, he was possibly the most hated man in the world.  His brutal and nearly genocidal exploitation of the Congo horrified Europe when it was revealed by hero-journalist Edmund Dean Morel.  Leopold's reign of terror in Africa was the inspiration for novelist Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and by extension Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now.  His chart is an exemplar of the Bloodbath Formula which appears in the charts of mass-murderers.  The features of his chart fulfilling the formula:

1.  Pallas quindecile Jupiter, trine Pluto (via Sun), and conjunct South Node.  The South Node conjunction appears weak on the natal chart, but progressed Pallas was retrograde for virtually Leopold's entire life and the distance closed by progression as he aged.  The older he became, the weaker the ethical anti-violence effect of Pallas on his chart became. 
2.  Venus in Pisces (ruled by Neptune). 
3.  Venus parallel Pluto.
4.  Moon trine Pluto.  
5.  Sun conjunct Pluto

Bloodbath Formula natives in most cases are perfectly peaceful and productive citizens...  when far from the corruptive power of the State.  When given the power of life and death over their fellow humans through the unnatural edifice of modern government, they often become monsters. 

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