Sunday, April 20, 2014

Michael C Ruppert

Michael C Ruppert was a whistle-blower on US government drug-running before becoming one of the most prominent figures in American fringe politics.  He has since been on the leading edge in the movements for "9-11 Truth" and Peak Oil as well as other controversial public issues.  He (apparently/likely) committed suicide on April 13.  In his astrological chart, a time of birth would clear up a few things, but even without it we can observe some interesting correspondences with his life. 

Libertarian:  Pallas conjunct Mercury and ruled by Saturn which is sesquiquadrate Sun.
Authoritarian:  Pallas quincunx Pluto and trine/parallel South Node.
The configuration in full suggests a very high degree of ethical awareness, but one which is subject to potential lapses.  This is sort of a "reverse whistle-blower" configuration:  whistle-blowers usually have Pallas configured with the North Node rather than the South.  The Nodes are very powerful, but often inconsistent in effect. 

Capitalist:  Venus ruled by Jupiter which is conjunct North Node and by Neptune which is quincunx North Node.
Communitarian/Leftist:  Venus quindecile South Node and sesquiquadrate Neptune.
A mixed signature.

Mars conjunct Jupiter, trine Uranus:   vigorous public activity on social issues?

Saturn square Uranus:  struggles against authority.  Rebellion. 

Mercury square Neptune, quincunx Pluto, and quindecile Uranus:  Speaking on secret/taboo/controversial topics;  unorthodox views particularly regarding powerful entities and conspiracies. 

Moon (probably) conjunct Pallas:  consistent with a "fighter" and former police officer.
Moon (probably) square Saturn:  consistent with emotional depression. 

Sun opposite Pluto:  a lifelong battle against deadly power?

Neptune heavily aspected:   emphasis on spirituality? 

Aquarius Sun + Capricorn Moon:  this combination is held by Matt Savinar to be correlated with leaders in large-scale social movements. 

Here is a chart for the approximate time of his death.

Transiting Mars is conjunct Ruppert's Neptune and transiting Neptune is conjunct Ruppert's Mars.  This evokes a picture, perhaps, of action leading into the unknown.

And of course:  stationing Pluto is conjunct Ruppert's Pallas and transiting Jupiter is opposite.  Ethical crisis, life/death decisions, and compromised impulse control. The transiting Jupiter opposition often appears specifically during suicides. 

Watch RT's Abby Martin's personal tribute to Ruppert.

P.S.:   9/27/2015 not shown is Ruppert's Ceres which at 3 Aquarius is quintile his progressed Sun and probably square his progressed Moon.   Ceres/Sun/Moon patterns tend to appear when people "go away". 

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