Friday, May 2, 2014

Bitcoin and Pluto (Part Two of Five)

As promised, Pluto has retrograded across a second conjunction with the Bitcoin Sun this week.  Like the first conjunction, this one has also coincided with annoying news (regarding the official status of Bitcoin in China) and a significant price drop.

While this is annoying to Bitcoin investors, the fact that Bitcoin has survived yet another Pluto conjunction intact is actually good news.  Pluto conjunctions are often life-changing events.  Here, however, we've only seen temporary setbacks. 

Two down, three to go. The next one is actually next January, so there's a chance that the rest of the 2014 will be relatively calm.

We do have some transits in May and September involving Chiron on the Bitcoin "natal" chart.  Chiron usually brings the price down.  In August, Jupiter conjoins the Bitcoin Ascendant and South Node, which may be a bit of mixed news (some positive, some negative).  With Neptune conjunct progressed Venus for most of this year, it's conceivable that Bitcoin price growth might be suppressed overall.  With the world economy in such a precarious state, however, one might take all predictions with a large grain of salt.  Astrology or no: if a major currency collapses, Bitcoin is likely to rise. 

I offer no advice, but I might be buying some Bitcoin myself this month.  

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