Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Quick Note on the Neptune Station

Neptune will be making a retrograde station around June 9 next month.  The watery planet's apparent "forward" motion along the ecliptic will pause and then reverse direction, triggering on Earth its astrological energies of illusion, disillusion, dissolution, creativity, and the hope for transcendence.  Around the corresponding Neptune station from last summer, Edward Snowden and company revealed to the world the NSA's massive spying program against America's own citizens.

This next occurrence is between seven and eight degrees Pisces (tropical).  It will affect a number of charts of interest.  The station is:

square USA Uranus on Descendant, which rules Third House:  a foreign policy scandal?

conjunct Barack Obama Chiron and trine his Neptune: public image repair?

conjunct Federal Reserve Chiron:  cracks in the central bank's facade?

conjunct Ukraine (1991) Second House cusp:  financial troubles in Kiev?  

conjunct progressed Bitcoin Venus:  price movement, probably down?

The effects of the station are likely to be "give or take a few days".  This jibes somewhat with a recent prediction by Clif at HalfPastHuman.com that the second week of June brings some political/economic upheaval.  I've never spoken with Clif, but he's linked to this blog in the past.

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