Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Russia Blocks Food Imports

In response to Western sanctions over Ukraine, Russia has been blocking Western food imports under a thin veil of "consumer protection".  The astrology is interesting.  Here's a chart for Russia with transits for the day of the news story.  It gives us a view of the long-term transits at play:

Here we have transiting Saturn (blockage, restriction) in Russia's Fourth House (nourishment, etc.) approaching a conjunction with Russia's Pluto (ruler of said Fourth House).  Transiting Saturn is also at the midpoint of Russia's Jupiter and Neptune, with Jupiter and Neptune both representing foreign elements.

Chiron (wounding/adjustment) is hovering at the cusp of Russia's Eighth House (other people's resources). 

Alas, Putin, for all his admirable restraint, isn't perfect.  Those of us who understand the free market understand that any restrictions on voluntary trade harms all parties involved more or less equally. 

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