Monday, August 11, 2014

Elizabeth Warren

Senator and Progressive avatar Elizabeth Warren has been slowly-but-surely climbing up the short list of possible Democratic candidates for the throne of Mordor (a.k.a. the Presidency of the USA).  Jude at the Left-wing astro-political blog StarsOverWashington stated early this year that Warren would be a much better president than Hillary Clinton.  I've had an email exchange or two with the friendly and gracious Jude, and we share, I think, a love of peace and at least some distrust of authority. 

I'll be blunt, however, about Elizabeth Warren.  In terms of her record and her astrology (below), those of us who love peace and liberty do not want this woman anywhere near the throne.  The record is clearly horrible.  The astrology speaks of serious bloodshed in addition to the usual authoritarian-Leftist troubles.  Here's the chart:

Libertarian:  Mercury weakly sextile Pallas.
Authoritarian:  Pallas conjunct Pluto.  Pluto here is trine the North Node, but the Node is too far from orb with Pallas to affect her.  Pallas opposite Jupiter
This is the full authoritarian trifecta (Pluto, Jupiter, Nodes).  It easily destroys the weak Mercury connection.  The Pallas/Pluto conjunction, while no guarantee of evil, often appears in the charts of the most destructive of humans.  For example:  Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Nicholas Biddle, Kim Il-Sung...  you get the idea. 

Capitalist:  Pluto, Second House co-ruler, weakly trine North Node.
Collectivist:  Neptune trine Mars (Second House co-ruler) and mundane-square VenusSouth Node square Venus, with Venus ruling the South Node. 
Overall:  very Left-wing economically.

Liberal:  Moon quincunx ASC which is conjunct and at the midpoint of both the South Node and Neptune.  Saturn, Fourth House ruler, is novile Neptune.

So far, we have a very authoritarian, very Leftist personality.  Also:  

Pluto square Moon, ruler of Venusfeminist leanings probable.

Bloodbath Formula
1.  Pallas conjunct Pluto and opposite Jupiter.  See above.
2.  Left-wing economic indicators.  See above.
3.  Pluto parallel Venus, rules Second House, and is square Moon, ruler of Venus.
4.  Pluto square Moon.
5.  Pluto parallel and semisquare Sun.
This is a very strong statement of the formula present in the charts of mass-murderers. The Lysistrata mythology is bullshit.  Put Elizabeth Warren in the White House, and she will probably kill as many or more innocents through war and economics as her recent predecessors. The remaining dregs of the US economy will likely be similarly massacred. 

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