Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hong Kong Protests

While we in the West have been concerned with US-funded ISIL and the US-exacerbated ebola epidemic, Hong Kong has been erupting in massive political protests (background) which bear the hallmarks of (you guessed it) US-government provocation.  The astrology for the day of the start of the current wave of protests is interesting.

Against the chart for the "founding" of Hong Kong in 1841:

Transiting South Node conjunct HK Pluto:  an impending loss of power (to the Chinese?).

Transiting Chiron conjunct HK Moon (ruler of Third House):  pain/injury (Chiron) to the people (Moon) triggering vocal expression (Third House).  

Note that on the "natal" chart there's a powerful Sun/Mercury/Pallas/North-Node conjunction.  As long as this chart remains in effect, Hong Kong will resist all attempts to reduce its autonomy.

Here's the transit chart against the Hong Kong "handover" to China:

Transiting South Node conjunct handover Saturn (ruling the Tenth):  loss or weakening of authority.

Transiting Pluto opposite handover Sun:  an existential threat to China's control over Hong Kong?

At least from these two charts, I don't see a clear winner in the battle for control. 

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