Friday, October 31, 2014

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

I've seen young actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers in three filmed productions now: Woody Allen's Match Point, TV series The Tudors, and TV series Dracula.  He plays the same character in all three, whether as social-climber, monarch, or vampire.  The character is driven by desire and unconstrained by ethics, and thus wreaks havoc on the world around him.  The world he creates around himself is one of money, power, sex, and murder.  Because Meyers is consistently called on to play this character, an astrologer might expect to see it in his horoscope. 

This, of course, sounds like Pluto/Scorpio..  but Pluto alone does not explain the character.  Pluto after all, rules not only the ruthless power-monger but those who heal, work in constructive ways with sexual energies, and help us come to terms with change and death.  So in Meyers' chart we would not only be looking for strong Pluto, but also a strong Pluto-Pallas connection.  Such a connection would indicate the possibility of severely compromised ethics as well as a natural skill with Plutonian energies (again money, power, sex, murder...).  This combination is common in real-life politicians, of course.

Here's the chart (time unknown).  Strong Pluto courtesy of the North Node conjunction.  Pluto-Pallas parallel by declination, as well as a Pluto-Pallas-Mercury (ruling Pallas) midpoint complex.  A wonderful and exciting combination for a dramatic actor; a near-guarantee of authoritarianism when seen in the world of politics.

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