Saturday, November 15, 2014

"Late Capitalism"?

My friend the conservative blogger Promethean Antagonist, with whom I share not all but certainly many political views, recently broke his silence to comment on the the Neo-Marxist term "late capitalism".  I had to look up the term because I'd never heard it before.  I find it interesting that Left-wing lingo often requires special education or indoctrination to understand, after which the Leftist faithful then look down their nose at those barbarians not in the know.  These terms include "social contract", "privilege", and "social justice" as well as "late capitalism".  They require belief in their underlying doctrines (remember, religious Neptune rules the Left) as a condition of their intended use. 

The complex shades of meaning that these terms encapsulate often contain falsehoods or unproven assumptions.  Nobody actually signs a "social contract" (Jean-Jacques Rousseau certainly proved that he did not feel himself bound to any sort of social responsibility).  "Privilege" is a term of attack these days, very often levied at persons who have done no wrong.  "Social justice" generally means using the guns of the State to unjustly steal from one group to give to another.  Finally, "late capitalism" implies the Marxist eschatology in which capitalism folds and gives way to socialism and finally communism.  But as Mr. Antagonist notes, it's actually the reverse:  socialism and communism inevitably fail and capitalism arises in its place. 

Capitalism, of course, is merely the extension of the natural urge of many life forms to claim resources needed for their survival and to respect the similar claims of other members of the same species.  Dogs, bears, and birds claim territory and/or build homes -- and defend these against others of their own species.  Rodents claim stockpiles of food.  Plants claim root space.  Marx, who himself took great pride in the upper-bourgeois trappings paid for by Friedrich Engels' factory, would have us believe that this behavior isn't natural. 

Astrologically, there are indicators for capitalism (Venus/Second-House without Neptune or South Node, often with North Node; and/or strong Pallas).  This automatically implies that the metaphysical root of capitalism is as old as, and will last as long as, our solar system.  For the neo-Marxists to realize their dream of moving humanity beyond capitalism, they would have to prevent enough human births of astrologically "capitalist" babies to insure a solid Neptunian majority.  After this, human civilization would perish.  As Ludwig von Mises proved through logical deduction and as history demonstrates, the degree of capitalism in a society is directly proportional to its ability to persist and thrive. 

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