Monday, November 17, 2014

Bill Cosby, Rapist?

2018 post-script: note that transiting Jupiter is quincunx Cosby's Pallas

Women have been accusing family-friendly comedian Bill Cosby of rape for decades now, but recently the spate of allegation has been front page news.  Here's a transit chart for Cosby for two days ago, when the stories were attaining escape velocity: 

Transiting Pluto is conjunct Cosby's MC:  the destruction of one's public image.

Transiting Neptune is square his Venus, ruling his Second and Seventh Houses:  the dissolving one one's resources and relationships.

Transiting Jupiter is square his Eighth-House Scorpio Mars:  the publishing of one's sexual activities.  Alleged, in this case.

Jupiter is also quincunx his Pallas:  the publishing of one's ethics. 

Transiting South Node conjunct his Descendant:  relationships dissolving, again. 

All of this nastiness has inspired me to look for a "Rapist Formula" on the charts of rapists who don't kill, in the same vein as my Bloodbath Formula for multiple murderers.  Obviously, it'll take me a while to process enough charts to be sure, but I've checked a half-dozen already and clear patterns are already emerging. 

1.  Compromised Pallas, representing a willingness to violate the rights of others.
2.  Venus + Neptune (or some variant thereof): difficulty distinguishing "mine" from "yours".
3.  Sun-Mars-Jupiter aspect triangle.  All three, connected by at least two "legs". 

The Sun-Mars-Jupiter aspect triangle is a new one for me, but it makes sense for the charts of non-lethal rapists.  Jupiter hypes up the aggression and sexual energy of Mars, and the addition of the Sun indicates a personal identification with this.  The triangle does not appear in the charts I've checked for killer-rapists:  apparently this is an entirely different pathology.

Yes, Bill Cosby has all of these chart features.  His Pallas is opposite Pluto, his Venus conjunct his South Node, and the Sun-Mars-Jupiter aspect triangle is fairly obvious.  This is not proof of guilt, but it's certainly disturbing. 

11/29/2014:  I am slowly building a collection of rapist charts here where I've got my multiple-murderers.  My updated astrological "Rapist Formula" is here

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