Saturday, November 29, 2014


The recent storm of Bill Cosby rape allegations has inspired a new research project of mine into a dark corner of astrology:  the horoscopes of rapists. 

In the same way that the Bloodbath Formula always seems to appear in the charts of multiple-murderers (including serial killers, spree killers, and warmongering politicians) and multiple-murder events, there appears to be a different set of chart patterns that consistently appears in the charts of rapists (excluding perpetrators of incest) who leave their victims alive (rapists who kill their prey fall under the Bloodbath Formula).  There is overlap between the "Rapist Formula" and the Bloodbath Formula, but also strong divergence.  This suggests that the malaise afflicting killer-rapists is somewhat different from that of non-killer rapists. 

The Rapist Formula thus far in my research seems to be:

1.  Pallas or ruler compromised by aspect to Pluto, discordant aspect from Jupiter, and/or influence of the South Node.  Pallas is the non-aggression principle or "stop sign" which keeps us from initiating force against others.  This feature appears in the charts of all perpetrators of non-victimless crimes and in the charts of persons or entities with any anti-libertarian tendencies.  After studying many hundreds of charts, I have never seen the chart of a violent criminal with a perfect "libertarian" Pallas placement. 

2.  Venus-Neptune complex:  Venus (or Second House or rulers thereof) configured with Neptune and/or the South Node.  Venus and the Second House reflect, among other things, the distinction between "mine" and "yours" and property rights in general.  When these factors are made unclear by Neptune and/or the South Node, and Pallas is also compromised, the chart native tends to have a less distinct view of property boundaries (including the bodies of others) it is acceptable to cross.  This feature also tends to appear in the charts of all perpetrators of non-victimless crimes.

3.  Mars-Moon complex:   Mars in aspect to Moon (or equivalent).  Suggesting aggression involving women. 

4.  Sun-Mars-Jupiter complex:  all three "fire planets" connected by at least two "triangle legs" (can include declination).  This is somewhat intuitive:  it suggests an over-abundance of aggressive, traditionally-male energy.  Mars in Aries, Scorpio, or Sagittarius also seems common but not ubiquitous.

5.  Jupiter-Neptune complex:  Jupiter configured with Neptune and/or the South Node.  This one is new to me.  It suggests a desire to "explore" that which is "foreign" or "hidden" and lends new meaning to the slang term "strange". 

Points 1 and 2 suggest weak ethics and boundaries.  Points 4 and 5 suggest an abundance of exuberant aggressiveness and a desire, perhaps, to direct it where one generally should not.  These last two points open an uncomfortable possibility:  that Jupiter partially rules the act of rape. 

My nascent collection of rapist charts lives here below my collection of murderer charts on my Criminal Astrology page.  The page may eventually include other types of crimes such as non-lethal assault, fraud, and robbery. 

Astrology has much to offer to psychology and behavioral science.  By dismissing it as superstition, we deny ourselves a powerful tool for self-understanding. 

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