Monday, December 15, 2014

Sony Hacking Scandal

The headlines on Drudge these days seem to be largely about the recent publishing of confidential emails at Sony's motion picture division by hackers.  They reveal racial insensitivity and possible sexism among Sony execs and well as other embarrassing bits regarding high-profile Hollywood figures.  Some of the current slow-moving transits that may reflect this:

Transiting Pallas conjunct Saturn and square Jupiter:  struggle (Saturn) with ethics (Pallas) in the limelight (Jupiter).

Transiting Nodes square Pluto:  karma (the Nodes) acting on those in power (Pluto).

Transiting South Node conjunct Uranus:  things hidden (South Node), let loose by technology (Uranus). 

Transiting Saturn square Neptune:  troubles (Saturn) in the motion picture industry (Neptune).

Transiting Uranus square Pluto (exact this week):  shakeups (Uranus) in the dynamics of power (Pluto).  This one may bring us some more serious geopolitical news in the coming days. 

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